ICFC 2019 - International Conference on Food Contaminants

The International Conference on Food Contaminants: challenges on risk assessment (ICFC 2019) will be held in Aveiro (Portugal) on the 26th and 27th September, 2019 and has several CESAM members in the organizing an scientific committees. This multidisciplinary congress provides a forum for both internationally established and young researchers to exchange advanced knowledge on Food Contaminants and Human Health. The congress will include keynote lectures given by world-renowned scholars, in addition to platform and poster presentations. Several sessions will cover developments and new challenges in risk assessment: Session 1 - Challenges in risk assessment in foods: new perspectives Session 2 – Human exposure to chemical food contaminants Session 3 – Other agents (microbiological and nutritional) affecting risks Session 4 – Risk-benefit assessment in foods...

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  • iMarCo2019 - International Marine Connectivity Conference

    The 5th International Marine Connectivity Conference (iMarCo2019), will be held at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, on September 23-25, 2019. iMarCo 2019 will only have oral presentations. The focus of the meeting is on the study of marine connectivity through a broad spectrum of marine science disciplines including physical oceanography, microchemistry, genetics, and evolutionary ecology, behaviour, tagging, and fisheries.The event also includes an introductory methodological one-morning workshops on the 25th of September, on otolith microchemistry and tools for simulating larval dispersal in the marine environment. Important dates: Abstract submission: 30 Jun Early-bird registration: 20 Jul Website of the event here.

  • CIÊNCIAVITAE will substitute previous FCT platforms

    CIÊNCIAVITAE is a unique, personalized, simple, harmonized and structured curriculum that gathers the information that is presently dispersed in multiple platforms, as FCT-SIG CV, DeGóis, RENATES, REBIDES, ORCID and RCAAP.  Existing platforms will be discontinued by phases and CIÊNCIAVITAE will be fully operational in 2021. After 1 mar 2018 you will not be able to create new curricula and after 1 Jul 2018 the access to edit your curriculum will also end. FCT provides several support and tutorials that help you in the process of transition between platforms.


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