World Maritime Day, September 26th

In the 16th century, Luís Vaz de Camões wrote two poems that today can be interpreted with new meanings. “All the world is made of change, And forever attaining new qualities.”   After five centuries, it could be interpreted as an allusion to climate change [1] Also, in Canto I, the poet wrote [2]:   “The feats of Arms, and famed heroick Host, from occidental Lusitanian strand, who o'er the waters ne'er by seaman crost, fared beyond the Taprobáne-Iand, forceful in perils and in battle-post, with more than promised force of mortal hand and in the regions of a distant race rear’d a new throne so haught in Pride of...

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  • Greentour: circular economy and sustainable tourism in destinations of the SUDOE area

    The GREENTOUR project, funded by the Interreg SUDOE program and started in November 2020, aims to contribute to increase the sustainability and circularity of the tourism sector. The main expected results consist in: - environmental assessment tools for agents from the tourism subsectors of accommodation, restaurants, and leisure and transportation activities; these tools are based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology and support a sustainable tourism through the identification of strategies to reduce the environmental footprint of this sector; - a voluntary eco-labeling system for tourism destinations as a whole based on LCA; - a cooperation network between destinations and sustainable tourism agents in the SUDOE area. Both the environmental assessment tools and the eco-labeling system will be tested, in a first stage, in touristic destinations of Portugal, Spain, France and Andorra, selected by their relevant natural and cultural heritage (Guimarães, Lloret de Mar, Camino Lebaniego, Rias Baixas, Massif du Sancy and Ordino). At a later stage, after validation of the tools, they will be applied to other stakeholders. The tourism agents of the subsectors of accommodation, restaurants, and leisure and transportation willing to evaluate their environmental performance with the tools developed in GREENTOUR can express their interest in https://greentour-project.eu/join-greentour/be-a-greentour-pioneer. The University of Aveiro is a partner of GREENTOUR, with the participation of the following CESAM members: Ana Cláudia Dias (coordinator) Paula Quinteiro, Isabel Nunes and Helena Nadais. More information about the project can be found at www.greentour-project.eu. Author: Ana Cláudia Dias  

  • Researcher José Alves was invited to Client Earth Global Summit (28-30 September) in the session “Maintaining migration in the animal kingdom”

    This is the second year Client Earth organizes this virtual event, hosting a global forum for experts, peers and partners from across the environmental movement and other sectors to explore new ways of effecting change for a brighter, healthier future planet. Client Earth, a global organization that operates under the banner “Working to protect life on Earth”, supports environmental causes, using the law to defend several issues: defending wildlife and habitats; protecting forests; tackling pollution and climate change, and others. The event is free of change and more information can be attained here.

  • Impact of the climate emergency in Aveiro in debate on TSF

    On September 24th, between 8am and 10am, TSF will be live from Aveiro, to discuss the climate emergency and its impact on the region. David Carvalho and João Miguel Dias, both from the DFis/CESAM, will be present on the broadcast, accompanied by José Carlos Mota (DCSPT/GOVCOPP) and Myriam Lopes (DAO/CESAM) and Sara Moreno Pires (DCSPT/GOVCOPP). Link 

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