Study: Albatross divorce rates found to climb during times of warm sea surface temperature

Francesco Ventura and José Pedro Granadeiro are among the scientists from two Portuguese universities who discovered a relationship between warming sea water temperature and the prevalence of divorce in a population of albatrosses.  The research, conducted in the Falkland Islands, demonstrated for the first time a direct influence of the environment on the divorce rates of a monogamous species. This finding highlights how environmental conditions, particularly changes linked to global warming, can affect the living world in ways we sometimes can't imagine, with consequences for wildlife populations.   Jounal article: Ventura F, Granadeiro JP, Lukacs PM, Kuepfer...

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  • Webtalks: Emerging Contaminants in the Environment: Behaviour and Screening Methodologies

    The webtalk "Emerging Contaminants in the Environment: Behaviour and Screening Methodologies" will take place on December the 6th at 14h. Certificates of attendance will be delivered upon request. This is a free zoom event, with mandatory online registration: https://forms.gle/YxcPCfxsETCtQCft5   Speakers: Joana Prata (UA) Aleksandra Tubi? (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) Damià Barcelò (Catalan Institute for Water Research, Spain & Editor-in-chief of the Science of the Total Environment journal)   Programme.

  • Celebrations of World Soil Day, December 3

    December 5, 2021, marks World Soil Day, this year with the campaign "Halt soil salinization, boost soil productivity". This campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing the growing challenges in soil management, fighting soil salinization, increasing soil awareness and encouraging governments, organizations, communities and individuals around the world to commit with the protection and conservation of soil biodiversity and functioning. To mark this date, CESAM is organizing the following two events, which will take place on December 3rd: LIFE Reflorest, FEMME and EPyRIS projects are jointly promoting a webinar, from 09:30am to 12:50pm. Participation is free of charge and registration can be made here. The CESAM's thematic line Ecology &Functional Biodiversity (EFB) is organizing a hybrid workshop, between 2pm and 6pm, in the amphitheatre of the Department of Geosciences, University of Aveiro. The event is free of charge, but registration is required for in-person format until November 30th here. Participation can also be by ZOOM. Programme (morning) Programme (afternoon)


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