Exhibition "Women in Limnology" at the University of Aveiro until 14 December

CESAM hosts the exhibition "Women in Limnology" at the University of Aveiro. This exhibition is currently shown in the main entrance hall of the rectory building and will be there until 14 December. The exhibition highlights the role of women in Limnology throughout history giving an overview of the scientific life and findings, presenting profiles of women in limnology and reporting their main challenges in their career. Together with a series of pannels, the exhibition includes a short documentary film showing statements of female limnologists. The exhibition was created by the gender group of the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) resulting from the work of a team of 20 volunteers. The CESAM Post-Doctoral research fellow Ana Genua belongs to this Association and was responsible for planting the seed for this exhibition in Portugal.

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  • Campus+sustentável

    Considering the relevance of defining and implementing a strategy of sustainability, University of Aveiro (UA) formed a Mission Group for the Sustainable Development. Its objectives are create and develop several articulated processes in a System of Environmental Management able to be certified, using the NP EN ISO14001:2015 as a basis. More on the System of Environmental Management of UA here (website only available in Portuguese).

  • Are you going to have a researcher contract?

    If yes, please pay attention!When you start your contract of researcher you are no longer an integrated member of CESAM!"Oh no! What should I do?"When you confirm the starting date of your contract with the UA human resources department you should send an email to cesam@ua.pt, directed to the Scientific Coordinator of CESAM, requesting that you want to be an integrated member of CESAM and indicating the starting date of the contract."And it is done?"No! If you have your CV updated in CESAM webpage, please indicate that in the e-mail. If not, briefly state how your research contributes to the strategy of CESAM and send a summarized CV."But why?"Because, according to the regulation of CESAM, if you are not a post-doc fellow you need to have a minimum scientific production to be an integrated member (Annex I of the regulation). Please note that all the researchers in CESAM go through this process!"And then?"Your request will be analysed and voted in one of the meetings of the Scientific Council Coordinating Commission of CESAM and you will be notified on the decision.


  • CESAM was present in the event "Our Atlantic Ocean for Growth and Well-Being", Mindelo, Cape Verde

    Faculty Marina Cunha was presented in the European Commission event  “Our Atlantic Ocean for Growth and Well-Being” that happened in Mindelo, Cape Verde, 21-22 November 2018. She presented the H2020 projects HERMES - Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas and HERMIONE - Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas. This event included the signature of the Cooperation Agreement on Marine Research and Innovation that will allow the participation of Cape Verde in European Projects in the future. The picture shows a moment of the speaking session “Prime Minister’s Speakers Series”  with Cape Verde Prime Minister (Ulisses Correia e Silva) and the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation (Carlos Moedas).

  • CESAM member is guest editor of Marine Drugs

    The researcher Elisabete Maciel is guest editor of Marine Drugs (IF 4.379) on a special issue on “Lipid profiling (Lipidome) of marine organisms”. This special issue aims to provide a comprehensive lipidomics analysis of a great variety of marine organisms to identify lipid molecular species with add value and health-promoting properties for biotechnological applications as nutraceuticals, functional food or supplements in food and pharma industries.

  • Project COCKLES present in the event Business2Sea

    COCKLES project (Co-operation for restoring cockle shelfisheries and its ecosystem services in the Atlantic Area) in which CESAM is partner, was represented in the event Business2Sea that happened on the 14-16 Novembre in Alfândega do Porto. The project was presented on the workshop "Valorisation" of Marine Resources" and was represented by the research fellow Luisa Magalhães that also participated in the final debate.

  • Are you a PhD student and want to make a pitch on your work and win a prize?

    "Research Summit is coming (28-29, nov 2018), and will have a brand new set of exciting features, besides the interesting topics that will be intensively discussed in the 2 days of celebration of research at the UA. 6 slots of approximately half an hour each will be available for you to present your work in 4 minutes followed by a 2 minute short question slot. The jury will be a set of personalities deeply engaged in research in the different areas and will assess the best overall PhD pitch in each session (quality of presentation, quality of the work & impact).    The prizes per session will be exciting: - best pitch award of 300€ for usage inside your research unit for pursuing your objectives; - best pitch certificate; - mention and summary at the research@ua and news@ua; - your pitch public (if you allow) at the EDUA site in a special section.    What you have to do? Put together the best pitch you can about your PhD work and present it in English and in the highest impact possible.  The minimum set of information is: title and team (mentions to the research group are also accepted) research challenge(s)  research method and techniques available relevant result(s) current impact (conferences, fairs, journals, shows, etc)  classify the PhD in terms of the sustainable goals of UN in the presentation and following the instructions of an email that you will receive with your credentials and with the subject : Convite para participar num inquérito, and coming from : questionarios-noreply@ua.pt. *    No more than 5 slides using mandatorily template attached are required. [The template for the presentation is available on the INTRANET]    Are you eligible? You can apply if you have a valid registration at an active PhD at the university of Aveiro and have not defended the thesis prior to October 2018, inclusive.    To whom submit the work? Apply to edua@ua.pt  up to 23h59 of 25th of November of 2018 with the subject: research pitch - Research Summit    Thanks and hope for the best. Artur Silva, João Coutinho and António Teixeira"

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