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Launch of the European research and innovation program PARC

Launch of the European research and innovation program PARC

On May 12 and 13, the European partnership for the assessment of risks from chemicals (PARC) was launched in Paris. This partnership aims to develop the next generation of chemical risk assessment, incorporating both human health and the environment in a "One Health" approach. Among the nine signatory entities that are part of this Platform is a team from the Center for Environmental and Marine Studies-CESAM, at the University of Aveiro.

PARC aims to bring together a broad community of research institutions and regulatory agencies to advance research, share knowledge and improve expertise in chemical risk assessment. The results of this partnership, which began on May 1, 2022, will be used to support new European and national strategies to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals and their impact on health and the environment. PARC will contribute to the European Union's Chemicals Sustainability Strategy and the "zero pollution" ambition of the European Green Deal.

It involves almost 200 partners from 28 countries, as well as three EU agencies (the European Environment Agency - EEA, the European Chemicals Agency - ECHA and the European Food Safety Authority - EFSA), with the participation of European public partners, including European and national risk assessment agencies, universities and public research organizations. Five European Commission Directorates General (DG-RTD, DG-GROW, DG-ENV, DG-SANTE and JRC) and the ministries of the countries involved are contributing to the governance of PARC and will monitor its activities.

The partnership will run for seven years and is scheduled to end in spring 2029. PARC has an estimated budget of €400 million, half of which is being funded by the European Commission and the rest by the partner countries. ANS ES is the coordinator of the partnership. In Portugal, PARC is articulated by the National Platform for Environment and Health, which includes the Ministries of Health, Environment and Climate Change, and Science, Technology and Higher Education, and the signatories National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge and Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon. Among the nine signatory entities that are part of this Platform is a team from the Center for Environment and Sea Studies-CESAM, coordinator at the University of Aveiro, and a team from the Institute of Biomedicine-iBiMED. These two teams will be involved in several working groups on environmental and human monitoring, chemical hazard assessment, ecotoxicology and toxicology, risk assessment of chemical mixtures, as well as a component of training and capacity building of human resources and dissemination and communication with the different stakeholders, including the general public.

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