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Emmenegger, T., Alves, J.A., Rocha, A.D., Costa, J.S., Schmid, R., Schulze, M. & Hahn, S (in press). Population- and age-specific patterns of Haemosporidian assemblages and infection levels in European Bee-eaters (Merops apiaster). International Journal For Parasitology, Ver mais
Chouchene K, Rocha-Santos T, Ksibi M (In press). Types, occurrence, and distribution of microplastics and metals contamination in sediments from south west of Kerkennah archipelago, Tunisia. Environmental Science And Pollution Research, Ver mais
Pereira R., Bouguerra S., Lopes I., Bárbara S., Marques C.R., Silva C., et al. (in press). Application of a standard risk assessment scheme to a North Africa contaminated site (Sfax, Tunisia) -Tier 1. Chemosphere, 263 Ver mais
Sayadi, M.H., Pavlaki, M.D., Martins, R., Mansouri, B., Tyler, C.R., Kharkan, J., Skakari, H. (in press). Bioaccumulation and toxicokinetics of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) co-exposed with graphene nanosheets (GNs) in the blackfish (Capoeta fusca). Chemosphere, 128689 Ver mais
Ares A., Tacão M., Figueira D., Garcia E., Costa J. (in press). Draft genome resources of six Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae strains isolated from Actinidia chinensis cv. deliciosa leaves in Portugal. Phytopathology, Ver mais
Araújo M.J., Quintaneiro C., Soares A.M.V.M., Monteiro M.S. (in press). Effects of ultraviolet radiation to Solea senegalensis during early development. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, Ver mais
Ramos A.S., Antunes S.C., Gonçalves F., Nunes B. (in press). The role of Pollicipes pollicipes (GMELIN 1789) as environmental sentinel for the assessment of anthropogenic contamination. Archives Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, Ver mais
Gonçalves M.F.M., Esteves A.C., Alves A. (in press). Revealing the hidden diversity of marine fungi in Portugal with description of two novel species, Neoascochyta fuci sp. nov. and Paraconiothyrium salinum sp. nov. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATIC AND EVOLUTIONARY MICROBIOLOGY , Ver mais
F Rosário, IF Duarte, RJB Pinto, C Santos, PHM Hoet, H Oliveira (In Press). Biodistribution and pulmonary metabolic effects of silver nanoparticles in mice following acute intratracheal instillations. Environmental Science And Pollution Research, Ver mais
Gisela Dionísio, Filipa Faleiro, Regina Bispo, Ana Rita Lopes, Sónia Cruz, José Ricardo Paula, Tiago Repolho, Ricardo Calado, Rui Rosa (In press). Distinct Bleaching Resilience of Photosynthetic Plastid-Bearing Mollusks Under Thermal Stress and High CO2 Conditions. Frontiers In Physiology, 9:1675, 9:1675 1-11. Ver mais
Cancelo-González J., Rial-Rivas M.E., Díaz-Fierros F. (in press). Study of nitrogen losses at the microcosm in undisturbed soil samples subjected to thermal shocks. FLAMMA, 5 (1), 10-13. Ver mais
Duarte B., Cabrita M.T., Vidal T., Pereira J.L., Pacheco M., Pereira P., Canário J., Gonçalves F.J.M., Matos A.R., Rosa R., Marques J.C., Caçador I., Gameiro C. (in press). Phytoplankton community-level bio-optical assessment in a naturally mercury contaminated Antartic ecosystem (Deception Island). Ver mais
Downey, H., T. Amano, M. Cadotte, C.N. Cook, S.J. Cooke, N.R. Haddaway, J.P.G. Jones, N. Littlewood, J.C. Walsh, M.I. Abrahams, G. Adum, M. Akasaka, J.A. Alves, R.E. Antwis, E.C. Arellano, J. Axmacher, H. Barclay, L. Batty, A. Benítez-López, J.R. Bennett, M.J. Berg, S. Bertolino, D. Biggs, F.C. Bolam, T. Bray, B.W. Brook, J.W. Bull, Z. Burivalova, M. Cabeza, A.L.M. Chauvenet, A.P. Christie, L. Cole, A.J. Cotton, S. Cotton, S.A.O. Cousins, D. Craven, W. Cresswell, J.J. Cusack, S. Dalrymple, Z.G. Davies, A. Diaz, J.A. Dodd, A. Felton, E. Fleishman, C.J. Gardner, R. Garside, A. Ghoddousi, J.J. Gilroy, D.A. Gill, J.A. Gill, L. Glew, M.J. Grainger, A.A. Grass, S. Greshon, J. Gundry, T. Hart, C.R. Hopkins, C. Howe, A. Johnson, K.W. Jones, N.R. Jordan, T. Kadoya, D. Kerhoas, J. Koricheva, T.M. Lee, S. Lengyel, S.W. Livingstone, A. Lyons, G. McCabe, J. Millett, C. Montes Strevens, A. Moolna, H.L. Mossman, N. Mukherjee, A. Muñoz-Sáez, N. Negrões, O. Norfolk, T. Osawa, S. Papworth, K.J. Park, J. Pellet, A.D. Phillott, J.M. Plotnik, D. Priatna, A.G. Ramos, N. Randall, R.M. Richards, E.G. Ritchie, D.L. Roberts, R. Rocha, J.P. Rodríguez, R. Sanderson, T. Sasaki, S. Savilaakso, C. Sayer, C. Sekercioglu, M. Senzaki, G. Smith, R.J. Smith, M. Soga, C.D. Soulsbury, M.D. Steer, G. Stewart, E.F. Strange, A.J. Suggitt, R.R.J. Thompson, S. Thompson, I. Thornhill, R.J. Trevelyan, H.O. Usieta, O. Venter, A.D. Webber, R.L. White, M.J. Whittingham, A. Wilby, R.W. Yarnell, V. Zamora & W.J. Sutherland (in press). Training future generations to deliver evidence-based conservation and ecosystem management. Ecological Solutions And Evidence, Ver mais
Musso, C., Fontenele, H.G.V., Pinto, G., Oliveira, R., Correeia, C., Moutinho-Pereira, J.M., Soares, A.M.V.M, Loureiro, S. (IN PRESS). Effects of water and nutrient availability on morphological, physiological, and biochemical traits of one invasive and one native grass of a Neotropical savanna. ENVIRONMENTAL AND EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, Ver mais
Paniagua S.,Prado-Guerra A., Neto A.I., Nunes T., Tarelho L., Alves C., Calvo L.F. (In press). Influence of varieties and organic fertilizer in the elaboration of a new poplar-straw pellet and its emissions in a domestic boiler. Energies, Ver mais
Zhu, B. Verkuil, Y.I., Conklin, J.R., Yang, A., Lei, W., Alves, J.A., Hassell, C.J., Dorofeev, D., Zhang Z. & Piersma T. (in press). Discovery of a morphologically and genetically distinct population of Black-tailed Godwits in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. IBIS, Ver mais
Lopes J.F., J. A. Ferreira, A. C. Rocha, M. T. Moita, C. I. Silva , A. C. Cardoso (in press). The influence of seasonal forcing in harmful and non-harmful algae in the Aveiro coastal. Harmfull Algae, Ver mais
Prats, S.A., Merino, A., Gonzalez-Perez, J.A., Verheijen, F.G.A., De la Rosa, J.M. (in press). Can straw-biochar mulching mitigate erosion of wildfire-degraded soils under extreme rainfall?. Science Of The Total Environment, xxx (xx), xxx-xxx. Ver mais
Christodoulou M, O'Hara T, Hugall A, Khodami S, Rodrigues CF, Hilario A, Vink A, Martinez-Arbizu P (in press). Unexpected high abyssal ophiuroid diversity in polymetallic nodule fields of the Northeast Pacific Ocean, and implications for conservation. Biogeosciences, Ver mais
Prats SA., Verheijen F.G.A., Merino A., FGonzalez-Perez J.A., De La Rosa J.M. (2021, Accepted). Straw mulch and biochar application in recently burned areas of Algarve (Portugal) and Andalusia (Spain). Best Soil Management Practices For Soil Organic Carbon Maintenance And Sequestration: A Technical Manual. Global Soil Partnership (GSP) Secretariat FAO Organization , Ver mais
Carlos J. M. Silva ., Ana L. Patrício Silva ., Diana Campos ., Ana L. Machado ., João L. T. Pestana ., Carlos Gravato . (2021). Oxidative damage and decreased aerobic energy production due to ingestion of polyethylene microplastics by Chironomus riparius (Diptera) larvae. Journal Of Hazardous Materials, 123775 Ver mais
Carlos JM. Silva ., Ana L. Patrício Silva ., Diana Campos ., Amadeu MVM. Soares ., Joao LT. Pestana ., Carlos Gravato . (2021). Lumbriculus variegatus (oligochaeta) exposed to polyethylene microplastics: biochemical, physiological and reproductive responses. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety, 207 (111375), Ver mais
Ângela Almeida, Vânia Calisto, Valdemar I. Esteves, Rudolf J. Schneider, Etelvina Figueira, Amadeu M. V. M. Soares, Rosa Freitas (2021). Can ocean warming alter sub-lethal effects of antiepileptic and antihistaminic pharmaceuticals in marine bivalves? . Aquatic Toxicology, Ver mais
Grillo, R., Fraceto, L.F., Amorim, M.J.B., Scott-Fordsmand, J.J., Schoonjans, R., Chaudhry, Q. (2021). Ecotoxicological and Regulatory Aspects of Environmental Sustainability of Nanopesticides. Journal Of Hazardous Materials, 404 Ver mais
D.F.S. Fonseca, C. Vilela, R.J.B. Pinto, V. Bastos, H. Oliveira, J. Catarino, P. Faísca, C. Rosado, A.J.D. Silvestre, C.S.R. Freire (2021). Bacterial nanocellulose-hyaluronic acid microneedle patches for skin applications: In vitro and in vivo evaluation. Materials Science And Engineering: C, 118 111350 Ver mais
Vargas, E.M., Ospina, J. L., Tarelho, L. A. C., & Nunes, M. I. (2021). Optimization of FAME production from blends of waste cooking oil and refined palm oil using biomass fly ash as a catalyst. Energy Reports, 163 1637-1647. Ver mais
Oduber F., Calvo A.I., Castro A., Blanco-Alegre C., Alves C., Calzolai G., Nava S., Lucarelli F., Nunes T., Barata J., Fraile R. (2021). Characterization of aerosol sources in León (Spain) using Positive Matrix Factorization and weather types. Science Of The Total Environment, 754 142045 Ver mais
Santos JI, Vidal T, Gonçalves FJM, Castro BB, Pereira JL (2021). Challenges to water quality assessment in Europe – is there scope for improvement of the current Water Framework Directive bioassessment scheme in rivers?. Ecological Indicators, 121 Ver mais
Gomes, S.I.L., Ammendola, A., Casini, S. and Amorim, M.J.B. (2021). Toxicity of fungicides to terrestrial non-target fauna – Formulated products versus active ingredients (azoxystrobin, cyproconazole, prothioconazole, tebuconazole) – A case study with Enchytraeus crypticus (Oligochaeta). Science Of The Total Environment, 754 142098 Ver mais
Venâncio C., Ribeiro R., Soares A.M.V.M., Lopes I. (2021). Survival recovery rates by six clonal lineages of Daphnia longispina after intermittent exposures to copper. Chemosphere, 264 Ver mais
Venâncio C., Ribeiro R., Soares A.M.V.M., Lopes I. (2021). Survival recovery rates by six clonal lineages of Daphnia longispina after intermittent exposures to copper. Chemosphere, 264 Ver mais
Rodrigues S., Bland G.D., Gao X., Rodrigues S.M., Lowry ., G.V. . (2021). Investigation of pore water and soil extraction tests for characterizing the fate of poorly soluble metal-oxide nanoparticles. Chemosphere (accepted 4 November), Ver mais
Costa V, Serôdio J, Lillebø AI, Sousa AI (2021). Use of hyperspectral reiectance to non-destructively estimate seagrass Zostera noltei biomass. Ecological Indicators, 121 107018 Ver mais
Fátima C.P. Simão, Carlos Gravato, Ana Luísa Machado, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, João L.T. Pestana (2021). Effects of pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene on the reproduction and newborn morphology and behavior of the freshwater planarian Girardia tigrina. Chemosphere, 264 Ver mais
Salvador C., Nieto R., Linares C., Díaz J., Alves C.A., Gimeno L. (2021). Drought effects on specific-cause mortality in Lisbon from 1983 to 2016: Risk assessment by gender and age groups. Science Of The Total Environment, 751 142332 Ver mais
Santos, PSM, Santos, GTAD, Cachada, A, Patinha, C, Coimbra, MA, Coelho, E, Duarte, AC (2021). Sources of carbohydrates on bulk deposition in South-Western of Europe. Chemosphere, 263 Ver mais
Georgina A. Rivera-Ingraham, Madalena Andrade, Regis Vigouroux, Montserrat Solé, Katherina Brokordt, Jehan-Hervé Lignot, Rosa Freitas. (2021). Are we neglecting Earth while conquering space? Biomarkers for the effects of aluminized 2 solid rocket fuel combustion on the physiology of a tropical freshwater invertebrate. . Chemosphere, Ver mais
Vidal T, Santos M, Santos JI, Luís AT, Pereira MJ, Abrantes N, Gonçalves FJM, Pereira JL (2021). Testing the response of benthic diatom assemblages to common riverine contaminants. 755 142534 Ver mais
Silva, I., Tacão, M., Henriques, I. (2021). Selection of antibiotic resistance by metals in a riverine bacterial community. CHEMOSPHERE, 263, 127936 Ver mais
CF Covas, B Almeida, AC Esteves, J Lourenço, P Domingues, T Caetano, S Mendo. (2021). Casein peptone, an antagonist of nonribosomal peptide synthesis: the case study of pedopeptins of Pedobacter lusitanus NL19. New Biotechnology, 60 62-71. Ver mais
Bicho, R.C., Faustino, A.M.R., Rêma, A., Scott-Fordsmand, J.J., Amorim, M.J.B. (2021). Confirmatory assays for transient changes of omics in soil invertebrates - copper materials in a multigenerational exposure . Journal Of Hazardous Materials, 402 123500 Ver mais
Sintra TE, Bagagem S, Ahsaie FG, Fernandes A, Martins M, Macário IPE, Pereira JL, Gonçalves FJM, Pazuki G, Coutinho JAP, Ventura SPM (2021). Sequential recovery of C-phycocyanin and chlorophylls from Anabaena cylindrica. Separation And Purification Technology, 255 Ver mais
Roberta Socoowski Britto, Jefferson Patrício Nascimento, Tiago Santos Serode, Adelina P Soares, Amadeu Soares, Clascídia Furtado, Juliane Ventura Lima, José Maria Monserrat, Rosa Freitas (2021). Biochemical alterations induced in Ruditapes philippinarum after exposure to different graphene oxide concentrations in the presence and absence of sediment. . Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology € Part C, Ver mais
Madalena Andrade, Georgina Rivera-Ingraham, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Rui Jorge Miranda Rocha, Eduarda Pereira, Montserrat Solé, Rosa Freitas (2021). How do life-history traits influence the fate of intertidal and subtidal Mytilus galloprovincialis to climate change? . Environmental Research, Ver mais
Khurshid Alam Bhuiyan, Belén Marín Rodríguez, Adilia Pires, Inmaculada Riba, Ángel Dellvals, Rosa Freitas, Mercedes Conradi (2021). The uncertain future of the keystone ragworm Hediste diversicolor (O.F. Müller, 1776) under Climate change. Science Of The Total Environment, 750 142031 Ver mais
Alessia Cuccaro, Lucia De Marchi, Matteo Oliva, Matilde Vieira Sanches, Rosa Freitas, Valentina Casu, Gianfranca Monni, Vincenzo Miragliotta, Carlo Pretti. (2021). Sperm quality assessment in Ficopomatus enigmaticus (Fauvel, 1923): Effects of selected organic and inorganic chemicals across salinity levels. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety, 207 111219 Ver mais
Patricio Silva A L, Prata J, Walker T, Duarte AC, Ouyang W, Barcelò D, Rocha-Santos T (2021). Increased plastic pollution due to COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges and recommendations. Chemical Engineering Journal, 405 126683 Ver mais
El Rasafi T., Pereira R., Pinto G., Gonçalves F.J.M., Haddioui A., Ksibi M., Römbke J., Sousa J.P., Marques C.R. (2020 (in press)). Potential of Eucalyptus globulus for the phytoremediation of metals in a Moroccan iron mine soil – A case study. Environmental Science And Pollution Research, Ver mais
Andreia C. M. Rodrigues ., Carlos Gravato ., Carlos J. M. Silva ., Sílvia F. S. Pires ., Ana P. L. Costa ., Luís E. C. Conceição ., Paulo Santos ., Benjamín Costas ., José Calheiros ., Manuela Castro-Cunha ., Amadeu M. V. M. Soares ., Rui J. M. Rocha . (2020). Seasonal Temperature Fluctuations Differently Affect the Immune and Biochemical Parameters of Diploid and Triploid Oncorhynchus mykiss Cage-Cultured in Temperate Latitudes. Ver mais
Alves J., Dias L., Mateus J., Marques J., Gracas D., Ramos R., Seldin L., Henriques I., Silva A., Folador A. (2020). Resistome in Lake Bolonha, Brazilian Amazon: Identification of Genes Related to Resistance to Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics. FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, 11 Ver mais

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