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Campioni L., Dias M.P., Granadeiro J.P., Catry P. An ontogenetic perspective on migratory strategy of a long-lived pelagic seabird: Timings and destinations change progressively during maturation. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY, See more
Nogueira A.F., Pinto G., Correia B., Nunes B. Embryonic development, locomotor behavior, biochemical, and epigenetic effects of the pharmaceutical drugs paracetamol and ciprofloxacin in larvae and embryos of Danio rerio when exposed to environmental realistic levels of both drugs. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY, See more
. . See more
Micro(nano)plastics – Analytical challenges towards risk evaluation. See more
Melo T., Montero-Bullón J.-.F., Domingues P ., Domingues MR . Discovery of bioactive nitrated lipids and nitro-lipid-protein adducts using mass spectrometry-based approaches. Redox Biology, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, See more
Simões C, Silva I, Carvalho A, Silva S, Santos S, Marques G, Ribeiro A, Domingues MRM, Ribeiro L, Paiva A Quantification and phenotypic characterization of pheripheral Blood Vδ1+ T cels in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis, . Cytometry: Part B - Clinical Cytometry, See more
Effect of Maternal Size, Reproductive Season and Interannual Variability in Offspring Provisioning of Carcinus maenas in a Coastal Lagoon. See more
Recent developments in the structural characterization of substituted meso-tetraarylporphyrins by electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. See more
Exercise training counteracts urothelial carcinoma-induced alterations in skeletal muscle mitochondria phospholipidome in an animal model. See more
Lipidomics in autoimmune diseases with main focus on systemic lupus erythematosus. See more
Oxidized phosphatidylserine mitigates LPS-triggered macrophage inflammatory status through modulation of JNK and NF-kB signaling cascades. See more
Analytical methodologies for arsenic speciation in macroalgae: A critical review. See more
Hepatoprotection of Mentha aquatica L., Lavandula dentata L. and Leonurus cardiaca L. See more
Lipidomics Reveals Similar Changes in Serum Phospholipid Signatures of Overweight and Obese Pediatric Subjects. See more
Lipidomics Reveals Similar Changes in Serum Phospholipid Signatures of Overweight and Obese Pediatric Subjects. See more
Reneerkens J., Versluijs T.S.L., Piersma T., Alves J.A., Boorman M., Corse C., Gilg O., Hallgrimsson G.T., Lang J., Loos B., Ntiamoa-Baidu Y., Nuoh A.A., Potts P.M., Ten Horn J., Lok T. Low fitness at low latitudes: Wintering in the tropics increases migratory delays and mortality rates in an Arctic breeding shorebird. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY, See more
Puga, J., Oliveira, M. J., Bastos, A. C., Gonçalves, F., Keizer, J. J., Abrantes, N. IInfluência da utilização de uma cobertura orgânica no restabelecimento a médio-longo prazo das comunidades de invertebrados do solo em áreas ardidas de eucalipto. Captar, 7 (1), 26-38. See more
Elisabete da Costa, Pedro Domingues, Tânia Melo, Elisabete Coelho , Rui Pereira, Ricardo Calado , Maria H. Abreu and M. Rosário Domingues Lipidomic Signatures Reveal Seasonal Shifts on the Relative Abundance of High-Valued Lipids from the Brown Algae Fucus vesiculosus. Marien Drugs, (7(6), 335), See more
Hilario S., Lopes A., Santos L., Alves A. Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with blueberry stem blight and dieback in the Centre Region of Portugal. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, See more
Costa V., Mazzola A., Rossi F., Vizzini S. Decomposition rate and invertebrate colonization of seagrass detritus along a hydrodynamic gradient in a Mediterranean coastal basin: The Stagnone di Marsala (Italy) case study. MARINE ECOLOGY-AN EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE, See more
De Ruijter V N, Milou A, Costa V Assessment of microplastics distribution and stratification in the shallow marine sediments of Samos island, Eastern Mediterranean sea, Greece. Mediterranean Marine Science, See more
Vitória Pereira, Ana Marques, Isabel Gaivão, Andreia Rego, Helena Abreu, Rui Pereira, Maria Ana Santos, Sofia Guilherme, Mário Pacheco Marine macroalgae as a dietary source of genoprotection in gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) against endogenous and exogenous challenges. 219 12-24. See more
Carlos JM Silva, Ana L. Patrício Silva, Carlos Gravato, João LT Pestana Ingestion of small-sized and irregularly shaped polyethylene microplastics affect Chironomus riparius life-history traits. See more
Characterization of Nitrophospholipid-Peptide Covalent Adducts by Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry: A First Screening Analysis Using Different Instrumental Platforms. See more
Tuning culturing conditions towards the production of neutral lipids from lubricant-based wastewater in open mixed bacterial communities. See more
Valorisation of bark lipophilic fractions from three Portuguese Salix species: a systematic study of the chemical composition and inhibitory activity against Escherichia coli. See more
Kamali M., Suhas D. .P., Costa M. .E., Capela I., Aminabhavi T. .M. Sustainability considerations in membrane-based technologies for industrial effluents treatment. See more
S.Sorte, V. Rodrigues, C. Borrego, A. Monteiro Impact of harbour activities on local air quality: A review. Environmental Pollution, See more
Moreira A., Henriques B., Leite C., Libralato G., Pereira E., Freitas R. Potential impacts of lanthanum and yttrium through embryotoxicity assays with Crassostrea gigas. 108 See more
Pedroso-de-Morais C, Souza-Leal T & Silveira P Morfobiometria carpo-seminal, superação de dormência e tratamentos pré-germinativos com GA3 em Hymenaea courbaril L. (Fabaceae). IHERINGIA, Sér. Bot., 73 (3), 221-227. See more
Kamali, Mohammadreza and Alavi-Borazjani, Seyedeh Azadeh and Khodaparast, Zahra and Khalaj, Mohammadreza and Jahanshahi, Akram and Costa, Elisabete and Capela, Isabel Additive and additive-free treatment technologies for pulp and paper mill effluents: Advances, challenges and opportunities. See more
Diogo Appel Colvero, Eraldo Henriques de Carvalho, Simone Costa Pfeiffer, Ana Paula Gomes Municipal solid waste generation assessment in the state of Goias, Brazil: statistical data analysis. Engenharia Sanitária E Ambiental, See more
 Carlos Borrego, J. Ginja, M. Coutinho, C. Ribeiro, K. Karatzas, Th Sioumis, N. Katsifarakis, K. Konstantinidis, S. De Vito, E. Esposito, M. Salvato, P. Smith, N. André, P. Gérard, L.A. Francis, N. Castell, P. Schneider, M. Viana, M.C. Minguillón, W. Reimringer, R.P. Otjes, O. von Sicard, R. Pohle, B. Elen, D. Suriano, V. Pfister, M. Prato, S. Dipinto, M. Penza Assessment of air quality microsensors versus reference methods: The EuNetAir Joint Exercise – Part II. Atmospheric Environment, 193, 127-142, See more
Barbosa J., Caetano T., Mosker E., Sussmuth R., Mendo S. Lichenicidin rational site-directed mutagenesis library: A tool to generate bioengineered lantibiotics. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, See more
Simões C, Silva I, Carvalho A, Silva S, Santos S, Marques G, Ribeiro A, Domingues MRM, Ribeiro L, Paiva A Quantification and phenotypic characterization of pheripheral Blood Vδ1+ T cels in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis, . Cytometry: Part B - Clinical Cytometry, See more
Monaghan KA, Machado AL, Wrona F, Soares AMVM A pseudo time-series reveals the rapid recovery and high variability of benthic macroinvertebrate populations following catchment wildfire. See more
Carvalho R.i.c.a.r.d.o., Yadav P.o.o.j.a., Lindgren R.o.b.e.r.t., García-Lopez N.a.t.x.o., Nyberg G.e.r.t., Diaz-Chavez R.o.c.i.o., Krishna Upadhyayyla V.e.n.k.a.t.a., Boman C.h.r.i.s.t.o.f.f.e.r., Athanassiadis D.i.m.i.t.r.i.s. Bioenergy strategies to address deforestation and household air pollution in Western Kenya. See more
Carvalho R.i.c.a.r.d.o. .L., Jensen O.l.e. .M. ., Vicente E.s.t.e.l.a. .D., Tarelho L.u.i.s. .A. .C. Transition to an intelligent use of cleaner biomass stoves. See more
Filipa A. Vicente ., João H. P. M. Santos ., Inês M.M. Pereira ., Cátia V. M. Gonçalves ., Ana C. R. V. Dias ., João A. P. Coutinho ., Sónia P.M. Ventura . Integration of Aqueous (Micellar) Two-Phase Systems on the proteins separation. See more
BioTIME: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY, See more
Oliveira, M., Franco, L., Balasch, J.C., Fierro-Castro, C., Tvarijonaviciute, A. , Soares, A.M.V.M., Tort, L., Teles, M. Tools to assess effects of human pharmaceuticals in fish: A case study with gemfibrozil. Ecological Indicators, 95 1100-1107. See more
Carla Leite, Francesca Coppola, Rui Monteiro, Tania Russo, Gianluca Polese, Mirtha A.O.Lourenço, Mariana R.F. Silva, Paula Ferreira, Amadeu M.V.MSoares, Rosa Freitas, Eduarda Pereira Biochemical and histopathological impacts of Rutile and Anatase (TiO2 NPs) in Mytilus galloprovincialis. See more
Lino A., Fonseca C., Rojas D., Fischer E., Ramos Pereira M. J. ((in press)). A meta-analysis of the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on genetic diversity in mammals. Mammalian Biology, See more
Domingues M.R.M., Santana-Marques M.G., Ferrer-Correia A.J. (1997). Formation of metalloporphyrins and metallochlorins in the source of a mass spectrometer under fast atom bombardment. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY, 165 551-559. See more
Domingues M.R.M., Nemirovskiy O.V., Marques M.G.O.S., Neves M.G., Cavaleiro J.A.S., Ferrer-Correia A.J., Gross M.L. (1998). High-and low-energy collisionally activated decompositions of octaethylporphyrin and its metal complexes. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY, 9 (8), 767-774. See more
Domingues M.R.M., Marques M.G.O.S., Vale C.A.M., Neves M.G., Cavaleiro J.A.S., Ferrer-Correia A.J., Nemirovskiy O.V., Gross M.L. (1999). Do charge-remote fragmentations occur under matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization post-source decompositions and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization collisionally activated decompositions?. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY, 10 (3), 217-223. See more
Domingues M.R.M., Santana-Marques M.G., Ferrrer-Correia A.J., Tome A.C., Neves M.G.P.M.S., Cavaleiro J.A.S. (1999). Liquid secondary ion mass spectrometry and collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry of sulfonamide derivatives of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin. JOURNAL OF PORPHYRINS AND PHTHALOCYANINES, 3 (3), 172-179. See more
Corrochano A., Garcia Merino S., Barba P., Bernardes C. (2000). Los sedimentos del canal de Mira (Aveiro, Portugal): propriedades texturales, procedencia y modelo paleogeografico. Studia Geologica Salmanticensia, 36 143-160. See more
Amaral M.J., Caldeira M.T., Pereira M.L., Duarte A.C. (2000). Seasonal variation in the concentration of total mercury in clams of Ria de Aveiro. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Restoration, 3 (2), 87-91. See more
Monaghan K.A., Peck M.R., Brewin P.A., Masiero M., Zarate E., Turcotte P., Ormerod S.J. (2000). Macroinvertebrate distribution in Ecuadorian hill streams: the effects of altitude and land use. Arch Hydrobiol, 149 (3), 421-440. See more

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