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Santos PRS, Costa MJ, Santos ACA, Silva-Zacarín ECM, Nunes B (2020). Neurotoxic and respiratory effects of human use drugs on a Neotropical fish species, Phalloceros harpagos. . Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology, Part C, Ver mais
Nunes B D.a.n.i.e.l. .D., Barros J C.o.r.r.e.i.a. .A.T. (2020). Toxic effects of environmentally realistic concentrations of diclofenac in organisms from two distinct trophic levels, Hediste diversicolor and Solea senegalensis. Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology, Part C, Ver mais
Santos, J., Barreto, A., Nogueira, J., Daniel-da-Silva, A.L., Trindade, T., Amorim, M.J.B., Maria, V.L. (2020). Effects of amorphous silica nanopowders on the avoidance behavior of five soil species – a screening. Nanomaterials, 10 (3), Ver mais
Russo M.A., Relvas H., Gama C., Lopes M., Borrego C., Rodrigues V., Robaina M., Madaleno M., Carneiro M.J., Eusebio C., Monteiro A. (2020). Estimating emissions from tourism activities. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 220 Ver mais
Cerejeira Matos R, Oliveira H, Fonseca HMAC, Morais S, Sharma B, Santos C, Pereira ML (2020). Comparative Cr, As and CCA induced cytotostaticity in mice kidney: a contribution to assess CCA toxicity. Environmental Toxicology And Pharmacology , 73 103297 Ver mais
Bordalo M.D., Gravato C., Beleza S., Campos D., Lopes I., Pestana J.L.T. (2020). Lethal and sublethal toxicity assessment of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis and Beauveria bassiana based bioinsecticides to the aquatic insect Chironomus riparius. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 698 Ver mais
Sanchez-Garcia C., Oliveira B.R.F., Keizer J.J., Doerr S.H., Urbanek E. (2020). Water repellency reduces soil CO2 efflux upon rewetting. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 708 Ver mais
Minshull T.A., Marin-Moreno H., Betlem P., Bialas J., Bunz S., Burwicz E., Cameselle A.L., Cifcig G., Giustiniani M., Hillman J.I.T., Holz S., Hopper J.R., Ion G., Leon R., Magalhaes V., Makovsky Y., Mata M.P., Max M.D., Nielsen T., Okay S., Ostrovsky I., O'Neill N., Pinheiro L.M., Plaza-Faverola A.A., Rey D., Roy S., Schwalenberg K., Senger K., Vadakkepuliyambatta S., Vasilev A., Vazquez J.T. (2020). Hydrate occurrence in Europe: A review of available evidence. MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY, 111 735-764. Ver mais
Silvana Costa, bFrancesca Coppola, Carlo Pretti, Luigi Intorre, Valentina Meucci, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Rosa Freitas, Montserrat Solé (2020). The influence of pre-exposure to climate change related factors on the response of two clam’s species to Diclofenac. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety, 189 Ver mais
Francesca Coppola, Ana Bessa, Bruno Henriques, Tania Russo, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Etelvina Figueira, Paula Marques, Gianluca Polese, Anna Di Cosmo, Eduarda Pereirac, Rosa Freitas (2020). Oxidative stress, metabolic and histopathological alterations in mussels exposed to remediated seawater by GO-PEI after contamination with mercury. Comparative Biochemistry And Physilogy-Part A. Special Issue - Oxidative Stress , Ver mais
Rosa Freitas, Serena Silvestro, Francesca Coppola, Valentina Meucci, Federica Battaglia, Luigi Intorre, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Carlo Pretti, Caterina Faggio. (2020). Combined effects of salinity changes and Salicylic Acid exposure in Mytilus galloprovincialis. . Science Of The Total Environment , Ver mais
(2020). Effects of spatial and seasonal factors on the characteristics and carbonyl index of (micro)plastics in a sandy beach in Aveiro, Portugal. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 709 Ver mais
Álvarez, F., Pan, S., Coelho, C., Baptista, P. (2020). Modelling shoreline changes at Northwest of Portugal using a process-based numerical model: COAST2D. Journal Of Waterway, Port, Coastal, And Ocean Engineering, xx (x), Ver mais
Prata J.C.*, Castro J.*, da Costa J.P., Duarte A.C., Cerqueira M., Rocha-Santos T. (2020). An easy method for processing and identification of natural and synthetic microfibers and microplastics in indoor and outdoor. METHODS X, 7 (100762), 1-9. Ver mais
Raluy R.G., Dias A.C. (2020). Life cycle assessment of a domestic gas-fired water heater: Influence of fuel used and its origin. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 254 Ver mais
da Costa T.P., Quinteiro P., Tarelho L.A.C., Arroja L., Dias A.C. (2020). Life cycle assessment of woody biomass ash for soil amelioration. WASTE MANAGEMENT, 101 126-140. Ver mais
Aximoff I., Carvalho W.D., Romero D., Esbérard C.E.L., Guerrero J.C., Rosalino L.M. . (2020). Unravelling the drivers of maned wolf activity along an elevational gradient in the Atlantic Forest, south-eastern Brazil. Mammalian Biology, Ver mais
Mendonca M.C.P., Rodrigues N.P., Scott-Fordsmand J.J., de Jesus M.B., Amorim M.J.B. (2020). The toxicity of silver nanomaterials (NM 300K) is reduced when combined with N-Acetylcysteine: Hazard assessment on Enchytraeus crypticus. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 256 Ver mais
Monteiro S.S., Bozzetti M., Torres J., Tavares A.S., Ferreira M., Pereira A.T., Sa S., Araujo H., Bastos-Santos J., Oliveira I., Vingada J.V., Eira C. (2020). Striped dolphins as trace element biomonitoring tools in oceanic waters: Accounting for health-related variables. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 699 Ver mais
Hilário S., Lopes A., Santos L., Alves A. (2020). Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with blueberry stem blight and dieback in the Centre Region of Portugal. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, 156 (1), 31-44. Ver mais
Gameiro J, Franco AMA, Catry T, Palmeirim J, Catry I (2020). Long-term persistence of conservation-reliant species: challenges and opportunities. Biological Conservation, 243 Ver mais
Álvarez-Rodríguez C., Martín-Gamboa M., Iribarren D. . (2020). Sustainability-oriented efficiency of retail supply chains: A combination of Life Cycle Assessment and dynamic network Data Envelopment Analysis. Science Of The Total Environment, 25 Ver mais
Correia E, Alho M, Catry T (2020). Long-tailed Glossy Starling Lamprotornis caudatus feeding on live marine fish in the Bijagós Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau. Malimbus, 52 Ver mais
Blanco-Alegre C., Calvo A.I., Alves C., Fialho P., Nunes T., Gomes J., Castro A., Oduber F., Coz E., Fraile R. (2020). Aethalometer measurements in a road tunnel: a step forward in the characterization of black carbon emissions from traffic. Science Of The Total Environment, 703 135483 Ver mais
Martins N., Avellan A., Rodrigues S., Salvador D., Rodrigues S.M., Trindade T. (2020). Composites of Biopolymers and ZnO NPs for Controlled Release of Zinc in Agricultural Soils and Timed Delivery for Maize. ACS Applied Nano Materials (accepted, In January 30), Ver mais
Tavares C.S., Martins A., Faleiro M.L., Miguel M.G., Duarte L.C., Gameiro J.A., Roseiro L.B., Figueiredo A.C. (2020). Bioproducts from forest biomass: Essential oils and hydrolates from wastes of Cupressus lusitanica Mill. and Cistus ladanifer L. INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS, 144 Ver mais
N.T. Marques, A. Filipe, P. Pinto, J. Barroso, H. Trindade, D.M. Power, A.C. Figueiredo (2020). Trichome density in relation to volatiles emission and 1,8-cineole synthase gene expression in Thymus albicans vegetative and reproductive organs. Chemistry & Biodiversity, Ver mais
Carla Patrícia Silva, Cindy Oliveira, Ana Ribeiro, Nádia Osório, Marta Otero, Valdemar I. Esteves, Diana L.D.Lima (2020). Sulfamethoxazole exposure to simulated solar radiation under continuous flow mode: Degradation and antibacterial activity. Chemosphere, 238 124613 Ver mais
Tohidi B., Rahimmalek M., Arzani A., Trindade H. (2020). Sequencing and variation of terpene synthase gene (TPS2) as the major gene in biosynthesis of thymol in different Thymus species. PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 169 Ver mais
Tohidi B., Rahimmalek M., Arzani A., Trindade H. (2020). Sequencing and variation of terpene synthase gene (TPS2) as the major gene in biosynthesis of thymol in different Thymus species. PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 169 Ver mais
Goncalves E., Figueiredo A.C., Barroso J.G., Henriques J., Sousa E., Bonifacio L. (2020). Effect of Monochamus galloprovincialis feeding on Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea, oleoresin and insect volatiles. PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 169 Ver mais
M. Cicuéndez, M. Fernandes, M. Ayán-Varela, H. Oliveira, M.J.Feito R. Diez-Orejas, J.I.Paredes, S.Villar-Rodilc, M.Vila, M.T. Portolés, I.F. Duarte (2020). Macrophage inflammatory and metabolic responses to graphene-based nanomaterials differing in size and functionalization. Colloids And Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 186 110709 Ver mais
Almeida A. S., Ferreira R., Silva A. M. S., Duarte A. C., Neves B., Duarte R. M.B.O. (2020). Structural features and pro-inflammatory effects of water-soluble organic matter in inhalable fine urban air particles. Environmental Science & Technology, 54 (2), 1082-1091. Ver mais
Alves C.A., Vicente A.M., Calvo A.I., Baumgardner D., Amato A., Querol X., Pio C., Gustafsson M. (2020). Physical and chemical properties of non-exhaust particles generated from wear between pavements and tyres. Atmospheric Environment, 224 117252 Ver mais
Carvalho, J., Büentgen, U., Pettorelli, N., Mentaberre, G., Olivé-Boix, X., Eizaguirre, O., Pérez, J.M., Fandos, P., Torres, R.T., Lavín, S., Fonseca, C. & Serrano, E. (2020). Habitat and harvesting practices influence horn growth of male ibex. THE JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT, Ver mais
Correia, S., Magalhães, L., Freitas, R., Bazairi, H., Gam, M., de Montaudouin, X. (2020). Large scale patterns of trematode parasite communities infecting Cerastoderma edule along the Atlantic coast from Portugal to Morocco. Estuarine, Coastal And Shelf Science, 233 Ver mais
Salgueiro V., Cerqueira M., Monteiro A., Alves A., Rafael S., Borrego C., Pio C. (2020). Annual and seasonal variability of greenhouse gases fluxes over coastal urban and suburban areas in Portugal: Measurements and source partitioning. Atmospheric Environment, 223 117204 Ver mais
Viegas S., Assuncao R., Twaruzek M., Kosicki R., Grajewski J., Viegas C. (2020). Mycotoxins feed contamination in a dairy farm - potential implications for milk contamination and workers' exposure in a One Health approach. JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, 100 (3), 1118-1123. Ver mais
Mesquita, L.S, Martins, M., Maricato, É., Nunes, C., Quinteiro, P.S.G.N., Dias, A.C.R.V., João A. P. Coutinho, J.A.P., Pisani, L.P., de Rosso, V.V., Ventura, S.P.M. (2020). Ionic Liquid-Mediated Recovery of Carotenoids from the Bactris gasipaes Fruit Waste and Their Application in Food-Packaging Chitosan Films. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Ver mais
Gregório I., Barros T., Pando D., Morante J., Fonseca C., Ferreira E. (2020). Paths for colonization or exodus? New insights from the brown bear (Ursus arctos) population of the Cantabrian Mountains. PLOS One, 15 (1), e0227302 Ver mais
Salgado MAH, Tarelho LAC, Matos A. (2020). Analysis of combined biochar and torrefied biomass fuel production as alternative for residual biomass valorization generated in small-scale palm oil mills. Waste And Biomass Valorization, In press Ver mais
Ventura, F., Granadeiro, J.P., Padget, O. Catry, P. (2020). Gadfly petrels use knowledge of the windscape, not memorized foraging patches, to optimize foraging trips on ocean-wide scales. Proceedings Of The Royal Society London B, Ver mais
Castro I., Mendo S., Caetano T. (2020). Antibiotics from Haloarchaea: What Can We Learn from Comparative Genomics?. Marine Biotechnology, Ver mais
Cunha, M. V., Rosalino, L. M., Leão, C., Bandeira, V., Fonseca, C., Botelho, A., & Reis, A. C. (2020). Ecological drivers of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis detection in mongoose (Herpestes ichneumon) using IS900 as proxy. Scientific Reports, 10 (1), Ver mais
Zhang, X., Chen, J., Dias, A., Yang., H. (2020). Improving carbon stock estimates for in-use harvested wood products by linking production and consumption – A global case study. Environmental Science And Technology, Ver mais
Piedade F, Bio S, Nunes B (2020). Effects of common pharmaceutical drugs (paracetamol and acetylsalicylic acid) short term exposure on biomarkers of the mussel Mytilus spp. . Environmental Toxicology And Pharmacology, Ver mais
Geitner N., Hendren C., Cornelis G., Kaegi R., Lead J., Lowry G.V., Lynch I., Nowack B., Petersen E., Bernhardt E., Brown S., Chen W., de Garidel-Thoron C., Hanson J., Harper S., Jones K., von der Kammer F., Kennedy A., Kidd J., Matson C., Metcalfe C., Pedersen J., Peijnenburg W., Quik J., Rodrigues S.M. ., Rose J., Sayre P., Marie S., Svendsen C., Tanguay R., Tufenkji N., van Teunenbroek T.o.m., Thies G., Tian Y., Rice J., Turner A., Liu J.i.e., Unrine J., Vance M., White J., Wiesner M. (2020). Harmonizing across environmental nanomaterial testing media for increased comparability of nanomaterial datasets. Environmental Science: Nano , 1 (7), 13-36. Ver mais
A.S.P. Dornelas, R.A Almeida, L.C.R. Silva, A.S. Saraiva, D.J de Souza, M.D. Bordalo, A.M.V.M. Soares, J.L.T. Pestana (2020). Toxicity of microbial insecticides towards the non-target freshwater insect Chironomus xanthus. Pest Management Science, Ver mais
Des, M., Gómez-Gesteira, M., deCastro, M., Gómez-Gesteira, L., Sousa, M.C. (2020). How can ocean warming at the NW Iberian Peninsula affect mussel aquaculture?. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 709 Ver mais
Gama C., Pio C., Monteiro A., Russo M., Fernandes A.P., Borrego C., Baldasano J.M., Tchepel O. (2020). Comparison of Methodologies for Assessing Desert Dust Contribution to Regional PM10 and PM2.5 Levels: A One-Year Study Over Portugal . Atmosphere, 11 (2), Ver mais

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