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Hilário S., Amaral I.A., Gonçalves M.F.M.,Lopes A., Santos L., Alves A. (in press). Diaporthe species associated with twig blight and dieback of Vaccinium corymbosum in Portugal with description of four new species. MYCOLOGIA, Ver mais
Lopes AR, Prats SA, Silva FC, Keizer JJ (in press). Effects of ploughing and mulching in soil erosion mitigation and organic matter losses after a wildfire in Central Portugal . CUADERNOS DE INVESTIGACION GEOGRAFICA, Ver mais
Alves C.A., Vicente E.D., Evtyugina M., Vicente A.M., Nunes T., Lucarelli F., Calzolai G., Nava S., Calvo A.I., del Blanco Alegre C., Oduber F., Castro A., Fraile R. (In press). Indoor and outdoor air quality: a university cafeteria as a case study. Atmospheric Pollution Research, Ver mais
Lopes AF, Macdonald JL, Quinteiro P, Arroja L, Carvalho-Santos C, Cunha-e-Sá MA, Dias AC (in press). Surface vs. groundwater: The effect of forest cover on the costs of drinking water. Water Resources And Economics, Ver mais
Vicente E.D., Vicente A., Nunes T., Calvo A.I., del Blanco-Alegre C., Oduber F., Fraile R., Amato F., Alves C. (In Press). Household dust: loadings and PM10-bound plasticizers and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Atmosphere, Ver mais
Alves M. S., Pereira A., Vicente C., Mota M., Henriques I. (In press). Pseudomonas associated with Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, its insect vector and the host tree: A role in pine wilt disease?. Forest Pathology, Ver mais
Žagar N., Kosovelj K., Manzini E., Horvat M., Castanheira, J.M. (in press). An assessment of scale‑dependent variability and bias in global prediction models. Climate Dynamics, Ver mais
Mendonça, M.C.P., Rodrigues, N.P., Scott-Fordsmand, J.J., Amorim, M.J.B. (in press). The toxicity of silver nanomaterials (NM 300K) is reduced when combined with N-Acetylcysteine: Hazard assessment on Enchytraeus crypticus. Environmental Pollution, Ver mais
Hilário S., Lopes A., Santos L., Alves A. (in press). Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with blueberry stem blight and dieback in the Centre Region of Portugal. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, Ver mais
Blanco-Alegre C., Calvo A.I., Alves C., Fialho P., Nunes T., Gomes J., Castro A., Oduber F., Coz E., Fraile R. (In Press). Aethalometer measurements in a road tunnel: a step forward in the characterization of black carbon emissions from traffic. Science Of The Total Environment, Ver mais
Ramos A.S., Antunes S.C., Gonçalves F., Nunes B. (in press). The role of Pollicipes pollicipes (GMELIN 1789) as environmental sentinel for the assessment of anthropogenic contamination. Archives Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, Ver mais
Salgado MAH, Tarelho LAC, Matos A. (In Press). Analysis of combined biochar and torrefied biomass fuel production as alternative for residual biomass valorization generated in small-scale palm oil mills. Waste And Biomass Valorization, Ver mais
Gisela Dionísio, Filipa Faleiro, Regina Bispo, Ana Rita Lopes, Sónia Cruz, José Ricardo Paula, Tiago Repolho, Ricardo Calado, Rui Rosa (In press). Distinct Bleaching Resilience of Photosynthetic Plastid-Bearing Mollusks Under Thermal Stress and High CO2 Conditions. Frontiers In Physiology, 9:1675, 9:1675 1-11. Ver mais
Cancelo-González J., Rial-Rivas M.E., Díaz-Fierros F. (in press). Study of nitrogen losses at the microcosm in undisturbed soil samples subjected to thermal shocks. FLAMMA, 5 (1), 10-13. Ver mais
Duarte B., Cabrita M.T., Vidal T., Pereira J.L., Pacheco M., Pereira P., Canário J., Gonçalves F.J.M., Matos A.R., Rosa R., Marques J.C., Caçador I., Gameiro C. (in press). Phytoplankton community-level bio-optical assessment in a naturally mercury contaminated Antartic ecosystem (Deception Island). Ver mais
Costa, J.S., Hahn, S., Rocha, A.D., Araújo, P.M., Olano-Marín, J., Emmenegger, T. & Alves, J.A. (in press). The discriminant power of biometrics for sex determination in European bee-eaters Merops apiaster. Bird Study, Ver mais
Brlík, V., Koleček,J., Burgess, M., Hahn, S.,Humple, D., Krist M., Ouwehand, J., Weiser, E.L., Adamík, P., Alves, J.A, + 56 authors (in press). Weak effects of geolocators on small birds: a meta-analysis controlled for phylogeny and publication bias. Journal Of Animal Ecology, Ver mais
Gutiérrez JS, Catry T, Granadeiro JP (In Press). Human facilitation of sap-feeding birds in theBijagós archipelago, West Africa. Ibis, Ver mais
Lopes J.F., J. A. Ferreira, A. C. Rocha, M. T. Moita, C. I. Silva , A. C. Cardoso (in press). The influence of seasonal forcing in harmful and non-harmful algae in the Aveiro coastal. Harmfull Algae, Ver mais
Hahn, S., Alves, J.A, Bedev, K., Costa, J.S., Emmenegger, T., Schulze, M., Zehtindjiev, P. & Dhanjal-Adams, K.L. (in press). Range wide migration corridors and non-breeding areas of a northward expanding Afro-Palearctic migrant, the European bee-eater Merops apiaster. IBIS, Ver mais
Gonçalves M.F.M., Vicente T.F.L., Esteves A.C., Alves A. (in press). Novel halotolerant species of Emericellopsis and Parasarocladium associated with macroalgae in an estuarine environment. MYCOLOGIA, Ver mais
Vicente E. D., Vicente A. M., Evtyugina M., Oduber F. I., Amato F., Querol X., Alves C. (In press). Impact of wood combustion on indoor air quality. Science Of The Total Environment, Ver mais
A.S.P. Dornelas, R.A Almeida, L.C.R. Silva, A.S. Saraiva, D.J de Souza, M.D. Bordalo, A.M.V.M. Soares, J.L.T. Pestana (accepted). Toxicity of microbial insecticides towards the non-target freshwater insect Chironomus xanthus. Pest Management Science, Ver mais
Cerejeira Matos R, Oliveira H, Fonseca HMAC, Morais S, Sharma B, Santos C, Pereira ML (2020). Comparative Cr, As and CCA induced cytotostaticity in mice kidney: a contribution to assess CCA toxicity. Environmental Toxicology And Pharmacology , 73 103297 Ver mais
Maria D. Bordalo, Carlos Gravato, Diana Campos, Sónia Beleza, Isabel Lopes, João L. T. Pestana (2020). Lethal and sublethal toxicity assessment of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis and Beauveria bassiana based bioinsecticides to the aquatic insect Chironomus riparius. Science Of The Total Environment, 698 Ver mais
Álvarez, F., Pan, S., Coelho, C., Baptista, P. (2020). Modelling shoreline changes at Northwest of Portugal using a process-based numerical model: COAST2D. Journal Of Waterway, Port, Coastal, And Ocean Engineering, xx (x), Ver mais
Raluy, R.G., Dias, A.C. (2020). Life cycle assessment of a domestic gas-fired water heater: Influence of fuel used and its origin. Journal Of Environmental Management, 254 Ver mais
da Costa T P, Quinteiro P, Tarelho L, Arroja L, Dias A C. (2020). Life cycle assessment of woody biomass ash for soil amelioration. Waste Management, 101 (1), 126-140. Ver mais
Monteiro SS, Bozzetti M, Torres J, Tavares AS, Ferreira M, Pereira AT, Sá S, Araújo H, Bastos-Santos J, Oliveira I, Vingada JV, Eira C (2020). Striped dolphins as trace element biomonitoring tools in oceanic waters: Accounting for health-related variables. Science Of The Total Environment, 699 Ver mais
Carla Patrícia Silva, Cindy Oliveira, Ana Ribeiro, Nádia Osório, Marta Otero, Valdemar I. Esteves, Diana L.D.Lima (2020). Document title Authors Year Source Cited by Sulfamethoxazole exposure to simulated solar radiation under continuous flow mode: Degradation and antibacterial activity. 238 124613 Ver mais
Moreira A., Henriques B., Leite C., Libralato G., Pereira E., Freitas R. (2020). Potential impacts of lanthanum and yttrium through embryotoxicity assays with Crassostrea gigas. Ecological Indicators, 108 105687 Ver mais
Xavier Esteve-Llorens, Mario Martín-Gamboa, Diego Iribarren, Maria Teresa Moreira, Gumersindo Feijoo, Sara González-García (2020). Efficiency assessment of diets in the Spanish regions: A multi-criteria cross-cutting approach. Journal Of Cleaner Production, 242 Ver mais
Faccin S, Carmo AO, Thyssen PJ, Dias D, Rebelo MT, Kalapothakis E (2019). Complete mitochondrial genomes from three species of the genus Peckia (Sarcophagidae) with forensic entomology interest. Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources, 4 (1), 220-221. Ver mais
Cartaxana P., Rey F., Ribeiro M., Moreira A.S.P., Domingues M.R.M., Calado R., Cruz S. (2019). Nutritional state determines reproductive investment in the mixotrophic sea slug Elysia viridis. MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, 611 167-177. Ver mais
Pereira G.M., Oraggio B., Teinilä K., Custódio D., Xian H., Hillamo R., Alves C.A., Balasubramanian R., Rojas N., Sanchez-Ccoyllo O., Vasconcellos P.C. (2019). A comparative chemical study of PM10 in three Latin American cities: Lima, Medellín and São Paulo. Air Quality, Atmosphere And Health, 12 1141-1152. Ver mais
Freitas R., Silvestro S., Coppola F., Meucci V., Battaglia F., Intorre L., Soares A.M.V.M., Pretti C., Faggio C. (2019). Biochemical and physiological responses induced in Mytilus galloprovincialis after a chronic exposure to salicylic acid. AQUATIC TOXICOLOGY, 214 Ver mais
Castro K.A.D.F., Moura N.M.M., Figueira F., Ferreira R.I., Simoes M.M.Q., Cavaleiro J.A.S., Faustino M.A.F., Silvestre A.J.D., Freire C.S.R., Tome J.P.C., Nakagaki S., Almeida A., Neves M.G.P.M.S. (2019). New Materials Based on Cationic Porphyrins Conjugated to Chitosan or Titanium Dioxide: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Efficacy. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 20 (10), Ver mais
Abreu J., Staniland I., Rodrigues C.F., Queirós J.P., Pereira J.M., Xavier J.C. (2019). Squid in the diet of Antarctic fur seals: potential links to oceanographic conditions and Antarctic krill abundance. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Ver mais
Gonzalez-Garcia S., Dias A.C. (2019). Integrating lifecycle assessment and urban metabolism at city level: Comparison between Spanish cities. JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY, 23 (5), 1062-1076. Ver mais
Simao F.C.P., Martinez-Jeronimo F., Blasco V., Moreno F., Porta J.M., Pestana J.L.T., Soares A.M.V.M., Raldua D., Barata C. (2019). Using a new high-throughput video-tracking platform to assess behavioural changes in Daphnia magna exposed to neuro-active drugs. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 662 160-167. Ver mais
Tavares D.S., Vale C., Lopes C.B., Trindade T., Pereira E. (2019). Reliable quantification of mercury in natural waters using surface modified magnetite nanoparticles. 220 565-573. Ver mais
Cartaxana P., Morelli L., Jesus B., Calado G., Calado R., Cruz S. (2019). The photon menace: kleptoplast protection in the photosynthetic sea slug Elysia timida. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, 222 (12), Ver mais
Lopes C.L., Bastos L., Caetano M., Martins I., Santos M.M., Iglesias I. (2019). Development of physical modelling tools in support of risk scenarios: A new framework focused on deep-sea mining. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 650 2294-2306. Ver mais
André Brodkorb, Lotti Egger, Marie Alminger, Paula Alvito, Ricardo Assunção, Simon Ballance, Torsten Bohn, Claire Bourlieu-Lacanal, Rachel Boutrou, Frédéric Carrière, Alfonso Clemente, Milena Corredig, Didier Dupont, Claire Dufour, Cathrina Edwards, Matt Golding, Sibel Karakaya, Bente Kirkhus, Steven Le Feunteun, Uri Lesmes, Adam Macierzanka, Alan R. Mackie, Carla Martins, Sébastien Marze, David Julian McClements, Olivia Ménard, Mans Minekus, Reto Portmann, Cláudia N. Santos, Isabelle Souchon, R. Paul Singh, Gerd E. Vegarud, Martin S. J. Wickham, Werner Weitschies & Isidra Recio (2019). INFOGEST static in vitro simulation of gastrointestinal food digestion. 14 991-1014. Ver mais
De la Rosa J.M., Jimenez-Morillo N.T., Gonzalez-Perez J.A., Almendros G., Vieira D., Knicker H.E., Keizer J. (2019). Mulching-induced preservation of soil organic matter quality in a burnt eucalypt plantation in central Portugal. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 231 1135-1144. Ver mais
Queiros J., Acevedo P., Santos J.P.V., Barasona J., Beltran-Beck B., Gonzalez-Barrio D., Armenteros J.A., Diez-Delgado I., Boadella M., de Mera I.F., Ruiz-Fons J.F., Vicente J., de la Fuente J., Gortazar C., Searle J.B., Alves P.C. (2019). Red deer in Iberia: Molecular ecological studies in a southern refugium and inferences on European postglacial colonization history. PLOS ONE, 14 (1), Ver mais
Monteiro H.R., Lemos M.F.L., Novais S.C., Soares A.M.V.M., Pestana J.L.T. (2019). Amitraz toxicity to the midge Chironomus riparius: Life-history and biochemical responses. CHEMOSPHERE, 221 324-332. Ver mais
Mendes L.A., Amorim M.J.B., Scott-Fordsmand J.J. (2019). Assessing the toxicity of safer by design CuO surface-modifications using terrestrial multispecies assays. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 678 457-465. Ver mais
Melgarejo J.L., Cardoso M.H., Pinto I.B., Faria C., Mendo S., de Oliveira C.E., Franco O.L. (2019). Identification, molecular characterization, and structural analysis of the bla( NDM-1 )gene/enzyme from NDM-1-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates. JOURNAL OF ANTIBIOTICS, 72 (3), 155-163. Ver mais
Alkimin G.D., Daniel D., Frankenbach S., Serodio J., Soares A.M.V.M., Barata C., Nunes B. (2019). Evaluation of pharmaceutical toxic effects of non-standard endpoints on the macrophyte species Lemna minor and Lemna gibba. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 657 926-937. Ver mais

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