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Raffaele Piscopo, Francesca Coppola, Angela Almeida, Lucia De Marchi, Gianluca Polese, Valdemar Esteves, Carlo Pretti, Federica Chiellini, Andrea Morelli, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Rosa Freitas Comparison of two clams species biochemical responses to carbon nanotubes and caffeine single and combined exposures. . The 10th International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry. Mechanisms and evolutionary processes, 5-9 August 2019, Ottawa, Canada. See more
Teotónio C., Rodriguez M., Roebeling P., Fortes P. Assessing the economic impacts of climate change on competition for water resources in the context of the water-energy nexus - a hybrid general equilibrium approach for Portugal. AIEE Conference 2017, 2 - 4 november 2017, Rome, Italy. See more
Teixeira P., Tacão M., Pureza L., Gonçalves J., Silva A., Cruz-Schneider M. P., Henriques I. Down by the river: the carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae threat. 29th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 13 - 16 April 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands . See more
Rodrigues M, Oliveira A, Guerreiro M, Fortunato AB, Queiroga H Water and ecological quality in the Aljezur coastal stream (Portugal). JONSMOD 2010 Conference. 10-12 May, Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands., , . See more
Marcelo Costa, Carla Leite, Francesca Coppola, Madalena Andrade, Lucia De Marchi, Carlo Pretti, Rosa Freitas How climate change alters the impacts of mixtures of emerging pollutants in bivalves?. SEB’s Annual Meeting, 2-5 june 2019, Seville, Spain.. See more
Zahra Khodaparast, Cornelis A. M. van Gestel, Rudo A. Verweij, Susana Loureiro The toxicokinetics of Ag NPs in the mealworm (Tenebrio molitor). Final conference of the COST Action ES1205 Engineered Nanomaterials from Wastewater T reatment & S tormwat e r to Rivers, 7 – 8 February 2017 University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal. See more
Baills A. A. .L.i.l.l.e.b... Current adaptation practices: case studies in France, Portugal and Greece. Our Common Future under Climate Change, 7-10 July 2015, Paris, France. See more
Oduber F., Blanco-Alegre C., Calvo A.I., Castro A., Fraile R., Nunes T., Alves C. Particulate matter in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula: A one-year study. 10th International Aerosol Conference (IAC), 2-7 Sept, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. See more
João Oliveira and Isabel Malaquias Bringing back old Physics and Chemistry instruments to life: from secondary schools to the general public. HSCI 2013 10th International Conference on Hands-on Science , 1st – 5th July , Kosice. See more
Viceto C., Mech M., Crewell S., Rinke A, Rocha A., Gorodetskaya I Moisture transport and precipitation patterns associated with the atmospheric rivers reaching Svalbard: the ACLOUD campaign. 2nd (AC)³ Science Conference on Arctic Amplification , 12-14 November, 2018, Bremerhaven, Germany. See more
Henriques, B., Francesca Coppola, Rui Monteiro, Rosa Freitas, Eduarda Pereira. Enrichment of Gadolinium in aquatic systems and the biochemical effects in mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis . 31st European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ESCPB) Congress, 9-12 September 2018, Porto, Portugal.. See more
Maria João Ramos Pereira, Joaquim Pedro Ferreira, Rita Gomes Rocha, Eduardo Ferreira, Milene Matos, Eduardo da Silva Mendes, Carlos Fonseca Factors affecting the seasonal and spatial patterns of vertebrate diversity and activity in different habitats of the humanized lands cape of BioRia. Reunião anual dos "Observatoires Hommes-Milieux" (ROHM)., 2013, . See more
Zahra Khodaparast, Cornelis A. M. van Gestel, Rudo A. Verweij, Susana Loureiro Toxicokinetics of silver nanoparticles in the mealworm Tenebri o molitor. , , . See more
Ferreira JP, N. Fernández Y E. Revilla Determinantes de la distribución del gato montés en España. Congreso de la Sociedad Española para la Conservacíon y Estudio de los Mamíferos. , 2011, Fuengírola (Málaga). See more
Rosa Freitas, bFrancesca Coppola, Lucia De Marchi, Valeria Codella, Carlo Pretti, Federica Chiellini, Andrea Morelli, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Etelvina Figueira The influence of Arsenic on the toxicity of carbon nanoparticles in bivalves. . 31st European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ESCPB) Congress, 9-12 September 2018, Porto, Portugal.. See more
Monaghan KA Four reasons to question the accuracy of a biotic index. Limnologia, July2014, Spain. See more
Gomes I, Peteiro LG, Albuquerque R, Swearer SE, Queiroga H ) Wandering Mussels: using natural tags to identify connectivity matrices amongst Marine Protected Areas. . ICES Annual Science Conference 2014 – Sustainabilty in a chaging ocean, September 2014, La Coruña, Spain. See more
Gabriel, A., Costa, S., Henriques, I., Lopes, I. Effects of continuous exposure to increased salinity in the amphibian skin bacterium Erwinia toletana. XIX Congresso da Associação Ibérica de Limnologia, June, 2018, Coimbra, Portugal. See more
Santos, C.S.A., Sotillo, A., Lens, L., Monteiro, M., Loureiro, S. Parental foraging strategies, mercury load and offspring quality in a coastal breeding gull species. SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting , 26-30 May 2020, Helsinki. See more
Rui Costa, Francesca Coppola, Silvana Costa, Montserrat Solé, Rosa Freitas Toxicity of Diclofenac and Triclosan on the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis under different temperature and salinity conditions. . 31st European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ESCPB) Congress, 9-12 September 2018, Porto, Portugal.. See more
Gomes I, Peteiro LG, Albuquerque R, Swearer SE, Queiroga H Using trace element content in mussel larval shells to identify natal sources. ECSA54 Conference - Coastal systems under change: tuning assessments and management tools, May 2014, Sesimbra, Portugal. See more
Araújo S., Tacão M., Leite L., Oliveira C., Alves A., Henriques I. Effect of metal contamination on antibiotic resistance traits in epiphytic bacteria. , 2015, . See more
Monaghan K.A., Soares A.M.V.M Revisiting Taylor's Power Law for aquatic macroinverbebrates. Intercol, August 2013, London, UK. See more
Monaghan K.A., Soares A.M.V.M Calling the odds in the gamble of bioassessment: the importance of quantifying taxonomic sufficiency. Ecological Soceity of America, August 2012, Portland. See more
Guilherme S, Costa R, Santos MA and Pacheco M May the contamination history and gender influence the genotoxic responses of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii to the herbicide Viper®?. XXIV Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Mutagénesis Ambiental, 20-22 Junho 2018, Madrid, Espanha.. See more
Sorte S., Rodrigues V., Ascenso A., Borrego C., Monteiro, A. Emissions from maritime and harbour activities impacting the air quality over the urban area around port of Leixões. Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes (HARMO18), 9-12 October 2017, Bologna. See more
Monaghan K.A., Soares A.M.V.M Building macroinvertebrate biotic indices from trait descriptions, an example for organic pollution. , July 2012, Guimarães, Portugal. See more
M. Alves, P. Matos, A. Pereira, H. Lopes, J. Henriques, C. Vicente, M. Mota, A. Correia, I. Henriques Characterization of the bacterial community associated to Pine Wilt Disease through culture-independent methods. BAGECO, 15 June 2015, Milan, Italy. See more
Marçalo, A., Feijó, D., Ferreira, M., Silva, A., Vingada, J., Eira, Catarina Integrating knowledge among fishermen and scientists for the conservation of marine protected species in Portugal: developments of the project LIFE + MarPro. . ICES Annual Science Meeting, September 21-25, Copenhagen, Denmark. See more
Mota A.H., C.O. Silva, M. Nicolai, A. Baby, L. Palma, P. Rijo, L. Ascensão, C. P. Reis Novel topical formulation with olive oil as natural functional active. , 3-6 de Julho, La Chapelle sur Erdre (Nantes), França, . See more
Monaghan K.A., Machado A.L., Soares A.M.V.M Species traits and habitat structure mediate the effects of wildfire in Atlantic-Mediterranean upland streams. European Symposium for Freshwater Sciences , 2011, Girona, Spain. See more
Nicolau, L., Ferreira, M., Vingada, J., Eira, C., Marçalo, A. Ingestion Of Marine Debris By Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta Caretta, In Portuguese Continental Waters. 35th Annual Symposium on sea turtle biology and conservation, April 18-24, 2015, Dalaman, Mugla, Turkey.. See more
Tavares A, Egger C, Portmann R, Alvito P. The effects of matrix proteins on the aflatoxin M1 bioaccessibility and the Caco-2 intestinal transport. . 3rd International Conference on Food Digestion, , Wageningen. See more
Cabrera, B., Rodriguez, A., Fabre, J., Alves, A.L., Gonçalves, F., Mesquita, A.C., Soares-Castro, P., Ferreira, M., Marçalo, A., Vingada, J., Eira, C., Santos, P A High-Throughput Look at the Microbiome of a Striped Dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba ) Off the Coast of Portugal. 115th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, May 30th-June 2nd, 2015, New Orleans, USA. See more
Guilherme S., Gaivão I., Santos M.A., Pacheco M. The transience of DNA-damaging effects induced by herbicide formulations (Roundup® and Garlon®) in fish upon cessation of exposure. XXI Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Mutagénesis Ambiental, Jun 2014, Pamplona, Spain. See more
Martín-Garcia J, Amaral J, Muñoz-Adalia EJ, Díez J, Pinto G, Alves A Towards understanting pathogenicity and resistance mechanisms in the Pinus spp./Fusarium circinatum pathosystem. XIX Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Fitopatología, October 8-10, 2018, Toledo, Spain. See more
Monaghan K.A., Machado A.L., Soares A.M.V.M The effects of wildfire on fish communities in upland Mediterranean streams, Portugal . North American Benthological Society, 2010, Santa Fe, USA. See more
Oskoei P, Marçal R, Santos MA, Pacheco M and Guilherme S Ex vivo genotoxicity testing as an alternative approach to evaluate waterborne contaminants threat – an assay with crayfish gill cells. XXIV Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Mutagénesis Ambiental, 20-22 Junho 2018, Madrid, Espanha.. See more
Guilherme S., Gaivão I., Santos M.A., Pacheco M. Genotoxic potential of glyphosate-based herbicides to fish and elucidation of DNA damaging mechanisms - comparison between the active ingredient and the major environmental breakdown product (AMPA). SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting, May 2014, Basel, Switzerland. See more
Borrego C., Sorte S., Rodrigues V., Monteiro A., Ginja J, Emissões de petcoque e qualidade do ar na envolvente portuária: o caso de estudo do Porto de Aveiro . XIX Encontro da Rede de Estudos Ambientais em Países de Língua Portuguesa (REALP), 12 - 15 setembro 2017, Fortaleza. See more
Bioaccumulation and biochemical patterns of Ruditapes philippinarum clams from the Ria de Aveiro (Portugal): responses to seasonality and contamination levels. SEB’sANNUAL MEETING, 2019, Seville, Spain. See more
Monteiro, M., Quintaneiro, C., Teixeira, B., Santos, R., and A. Soares. Endocrine and neurotoxicity effects of the UV-filter 4-MBC in zebrafish embryos. . Symposium on Fish and Amphibian Embryos as Alternative Models in Teratology and Toxicology., Dezembro 2014, Paris, França. See more
Morelli, L., Cartaxana, P., Quintaneiro, C., Gonçalo Calado, G., Calado, R., S. Cruz Kleptoplasts photoacclimation state modulates the photobehaviour of the solar-powered sea slug Elysia viridis. Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, 3-6 July 2018, Florence, Italy. See more
Quintaneiro, C., Santos, R., Teixeira, B., Monteiro, M., and A. Soares. Effects of parabens in Perez's frog embryos: apical and biochemical endpoints. XIII Iberian Congress of Herpetology. , Setembro 2014, Aveiro, Portugal. See more
Toxicity of titanium on the mussel Mytillus galloprovincialis. SETAC EUROPE 28° ANNUAL MEETING, 2018, Rome, Italy. See more
BRANDTS I., BALASCH J. C., TVARIJONAVICIUTE A., BARRETO A., MARTINS M. A., TORT L., OLIVEIRA M., TELES M. THE ROLE OF HUMIC ACIDS ON THE EFFECTS OF NANOPLASTICS IN FISH . International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea 2019 (MicroMed 2019), September 2019, . See more
Quintaneiro, C. P., Morgado, F., Gerhardt, A., A. M.V.M. Soares. Performance of the oligochaete Tubifex tubifex in the Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor®. SETAC Europe – 16th Annual Meeting, Maio 2006, . See more
Barreto, A., Santos, J., Amorim, M.J.B., Maria V.L. Effects of polystyrene nanoplastics on the toxicity of simvastatin in zebrafish development. 19th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment (ISTA 19), September 2019, . See more
Pereira C, Pereira S, Silva YJ, Costa L, Romalde JL, Nunes ML, Almeida A Bacteriophages with potential to inactivate Salmonella enterica in bivalve molluscs. TEMPH 2014, Trends in Environmental Microbiology for Public Health, 18-21 September 2014, Lisbon, Portugal. See more
Pereira C, Santos L, Silva AP, Cunha A, Romalde JL, Nunes ML, Almeida A Seasonal variation of bacterial communities in shellfish harvesting waters: preliminary study before applying phage therapy. TEMPH 2014, Trends in Environmental Microbiology for Public Health, 18-21 September 2014, Lisbon, Portugal. See more

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