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ERASMUS Intensive Programme: "MultI-Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Europe"

ERASMUS Intensive Programme: "MultI-Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Europe"

University of Aveiro, 13-26 July 2014

Europe is threatened by recurring natural disasters caused by hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and forest fires that cause hundreds of deaths and injuries and hundred millions of Euros economic losses each year. Moreover damages are often the combined effects of concurrent natural and maninduced hazards successively triggered by a sort of cascading effect. For this reason, in response to growing awareness of the economic and social significance of natural disasters, research on integrated analysis of different risk sources (i.e. multi-risk analysis) have been developed in the last decade as an up-todate approach to support adequate land planning and management policies.
Hence, the MIRAME Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) will be the 2nd edition of a 2-week higher education course focusing on hazards and vulnerability data collection/management, integration of multiple hazards scenarios, and optimization of multi-risk assessment procedures.

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