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DBio/CESAM activity illustrates SIC program "Nature laboratories"

DBio/CESAM activity illustrates SIC program "Nature laboratories"


Dia 30 de agosto, às 12h10, no espaço BBC Vida selvagem

The activity performed by some of the many research groups of CESAM and Department of Biology (DBIO), University of Aveiro (UA) illustrates the program "Nature laboratories", to be exhibited soon in SIC in the BBC Wildlife space. Since animal and plant biodiversity, through the deep sea, the nanoparticles to microbial resistance to antiobiotics, starting with examples of rehabilitation work of marine mammals, this program presents five examples of work performed in the Department of Biology, University of Aveiro. Follow the odyssey of these UA biologists, and how their findings contribute to protect the world we live in.

See a small sample of what will be this program:

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