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UA provides technical training in Angola in the planning area and sea management

UA provides technical training in Angola in the planning area and sea management


Fátima Lopes Alves, Professor of Department of Environment and Planning and Researcher of CESAM, was in Luanda (Angola) to enable the technical body of various Angolan ministries in the area of ​​planning and integrated management of ocean and coastal zone. The invitation came from the German institution GIZ and from the Commission of the Benguela Current, responsible for international project MARISMA.

The large marine ecosystems of Benguela Current (BCLME) extend along the coast of Angola, Namibia and South Africa. The MARISMA project - Spatial Management and Governance) is a regional initiative funded by Germany (through GIZ) to the Commission of the Benguela Current with a duration of five years (08/2014 - 04/2020). This project is directed to the present Commission Benguela Current, to its member States Angola, Namibia and South Africa and other stakeholders in the governance and management of the marine environment, including marine biodiversity and natural resources of BCLME. The main focus of the project is to develop, at different levels, technical and technological capacity to implement and institutionalize the "Planning of the Marine Area" and to identify the Biological Marine Areas and Ecologically Significant in this region of Africa.

Fatima Lopes Alves belonged to the core of coordination responsible for preparing the Maritime Spatial Planning Plan in Portugal, promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Territory Planning (2008 - 2011) and was responsible at UA for the TPEA project - Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic, financed by DG MARE (CE 2012-2014).

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