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Workshop “Contribuições do CESAM para a valorização inteligente do mar”

Workshop “Contribuições do CESAM para a valorização inteligente do mar”

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27th, Amphitheater of Building III at University of Aveiro (Building of the former Rectory) 

On January 27th, will be held the Workshop "Contributions of CESAM for the intelligent valorization of the sea", aimed at all potential stakeholders in the academic and business world. This workshop will consist of 3 thematic sessions, each one with three to four presentations. At the end of the workshop, a Round Table will be organized to discuss the relevance of the covered topics and the funding opportunities and frameworks in the priority areas of the H2020 program, Mar2020 Operational Program and the RIS3 Intelligent Specialization Strategy of Center 2020.

The purpose of this discussion is to promote the dissemination of knowledge created in CESAM in the area of ​​the Sea, the establishment of possible partnerships, and the dissemination of funding opportunities in this area (Program Here).

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