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  • Conferences

    In 2007, the Board established the following rules: In annual reports to the FCT, the organization of conferences by CESAM’s Members is one of the parameters to be reported and presumably one of the factors that contribute to the evaluation and classification of CESAM. Thus it was decided that  the organization of conferences should be one of the activities to be financed by CESAM. An annual fund of  € 10 000 is available to fund national and international conferences. This amount, in principle, is to be used to help finance a maximum of 5 conferences. Conferences will be funded only when the Chair or Vice Chair of the Organizing Committee is an integrated member of CESAM. The Conference will have to advertise CESAM as organizer or co-organizer. Should this prove to be impossible CESAM has to be announced as a sponsor. To be considered as an international event, the Congress must have abstracts accepted from at least 10 countries.The maximum funding per Conference is € 3 000 for international conferences and € 2 000 for national conferences. In order to receive funding, National Conferences must have more than 200 registered participants, and International Conferences, more than 75 people enrolled. Funding will be € 10 per person registered in the International Conferences and € 5 per person registered in National Conferences. In order to permit a timely decision, the abstracts accepted will be used as indicating the number of attendees in Congress.  Funding requests will be considered in order of arrival, providing they have the information on the number of accepted abstracts. Funding will only be awarded against the invoices issued to the University of Aveiro, within the usual rules of CESAM and the UA.

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  • Journals

    Another activity that seems to be important for the establishment of an image of scientific quality is associated with the publication of journals of international standing, making use of the new possibilities of editing using only the internet. To avoid purely AD HOC decisions, application for funding of a journal will be accepted in these conditions: Journals will be funded by CESAM provided that: 1) The revised edition is considered as CESAM’s publication, or, if not possible, CESAM appears as one of the sponsors/main sponsors).  2) The Journal’s main editor is an integrated member of CESAM. 3) The Journal is included in the ISI Journal Master List, indexed in the ISI databases and admitted for evaluation and attribution of impact factor; 3) The journal is included in the Science Citation Index, with an impact factor, or is admitted by SCI for evaluation and award impact factor of 4) The request for funding has to be made annually. The maximum funding per Journal will be 2 500 Euros/ year.  The funding should not be for more than an initial period of three years;  it may go up to a maximum of 6 years, and with the last three funded at 75%, 50% and 25% of the amount allocated.The maximum funding allocated to Journals and Conferences, will be 10 000. The maximum amount of funding allocated for journals will be 5000.The funding will be allocated by order of arrival of requests until the completion of annual budget.

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