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  • Research groups

    EPP: Valdemar Esteves    Lab Organic Pollutants & Natural Organic Matter (LOPNOM):     Chemical Sensors Lab:    APM: Ana Isabel Miranda    Lab  Atmospheric Chemistry (LAC): Casimiro Pio    Lab Atmospheric Physics (LAP): Alfredo Rocha    Lab Emissions, Modelling & Climate Change (GEMAC): Carlos Borrego   MEE: Henrique Queiroga    Marine & Estuarine Ecology Lab:     Marine Primary Production Lab:    Marine Microbiology & Biotechnology Lab:   OMG: Paulo Silva    Physical Oceanography Lab:     Marine Geology and Geophysics Lab:    ABEP: Maria da Luz Mathias    Lab Adaptation Biology & Global Changes: Maria da Luz Mathias    Lab Behavioural & Population Ecology (LABPE): José Pedro Granadeiro    Lab Wildlife Management & Conservation (WMAC): Carlos Fonseca   FB: Isabel Lopes    Functional Responses to Emerging Chemicals Lab (FREC):    Biodiversity and Biomonitoring Lab (BioBi):    Ec: António Nogueira    Lab Risk Assessment (RISKA): Fernando Gonçalves    Lab Biomonitoring (BIOMON):  Carlos Barroso   SB: Artur Alves    Microbial & Cell Biology Lab:     Fungal & Plant Biology Lab:     Biotechnology & Cytometry Lab:     Ecotoxicogenomic Lab: Mónica Amorim   CZPM: Celeste Coelho    Eco-hydrological Lab: Jan Jacob Keizer    Resources Management Lab:     Integrated Planning Lab: Fátima Alves

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CESAM - Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do Mar - Universidade de Aveiro

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