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Dynamics of the intestinal microbial flora, digestive enzymes activity and biochemical composition of marine invertebrate larvae in a globally changing ocean (Nº E-116/10)
Coordinator - Ricardo Calado
Programme - Acções Integradas Luso-Espanholas
Execution dates - 2012-01-01 - 2012-12-31 (12 Months)
Funding Entity - CRUP
Funding for CESAM - 3500 €
Total Funding - 3500 €
Proponent Institution - Universidade de Aveiro
Participating Institutions
Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentaire (IRTA)

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CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020