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Coordinator - Rui Machado
CESAM Responsible researcher - Jan Jacob Keizer
Programme - QREN
Execution dates - 2012-04-01 - 2014-03-31 (24 Months)
Funding Entity - Agência de Inovação, S.A.
Funding for CESAM - 232558 €
Total Funding - 362194 €
Proponent Institution - QUANTIFIC - Instrumentação Científica, Lda.
Participating Institutions
Universidade de Aveiro
IT-Aveiro (
Rogério Nogueira (
Lúcia Bilro (

The project aims to develop a commercial POF-based turbidy sensor for environmental applications, a proto-type of which was published by Bilro et al. (2010; Design and performance assessment of a POF based sensor for measuring water turbidity; Measurement Science and Technology 21, 10, 107001)

Members on this project
Jan Jacob Keizer
coordinator UA team
Valdemar Esteves

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