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  • Authors: Simoes, C; Silva, I; Carvalho, A; Silva, S; Santos, S; Marques, G; Ribeiro, A; Roque, A; Carda, J; Sarmento-Ribeiro, AB; Domingues, MD; Ribeiro, L; Paiva, A
  • Author Full Name: Simoes, Catarina; Silva, Isabel; Carvalho, Anabela; Silva, Sandra; Santos, Susana; Marques, Gilberto; Ribeiro, Andre; Roque, Adriana; Carda, Jose; Sarmento-Ribeiro, A. B.; Domingues, Maria do Rosario; Ribeiro, Leticia; Paiva, Artur
  • Title: Quantification and phenotypic characterization of peripheral blood V delta 1+T cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis
  • Publication Type: J
  • Document Type: Article
  • Year Published: 2019
  • Volume: 96
  • Issue: 2
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1002/cyto.b.21645
  • Unique Article Identifier: 30334339

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