Caring about the future

  • Authors: Lopes R. Fuentes-Castillo D., Fontana H., Rodrigues L., Dantas K., Cerdeira L., Henriques I., Lincopan N.
  • Title: Endophytic Lifestyle of Global Clones of Extended-Spectrum b-Lactamase-Producing Priority Pathogens in Fresh Vegetables: a Trojan Horse Strategy Favoring Human Colonization?
  • Source: mSystems
  • Year Published: 2021
  • Volume: 9
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): doi:10.1128/mSystems.01125-20
  • Unique Article Identifier: WoS

CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020