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  • Authors: Vanreusel A., Bienhold C., Boetius A., Cunha M. , Danovaro R., Decker C., De Groote A., Duperron S., Felden J., Guilini K., Gambi C., Gaudron S., Hilário A., Ingels J., Kalogeropoulou V., Grunke S., Lampadariou N., Matos F., Olu K., Pape E., Ristova P.P., Ritt B., Rodrigues C.F., Sarrazin J., Zeppili D.
  • Title: Integrated analyses of benthic biodiversity patterns for seep associated biota representing different size classes along the European margins
  • Conference Title: HERMIONE Annual Meeting 2012
  • Conference Location: Carvoeiro, Portugal
  • Conference Date: 11-14 September 2012
  • Year Published: 2012

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