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Márcia Filipa Marques

Márcia Filipa Marques

Bolseira PhD Campus DO*MAR

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  • Departamento: Departamento de Biologia
  • Grupo de Investigação: Planeam. e Gestão da Zona Costeira
  • Título da tese: Design, assessment and implementation of a A Transatlantic MPA collaborative network Orientador: Prof.ª Doutora Maria de Fátima Lopes Alves Category: BO Grant type: BD Funding entity: FCT Grant reference: SFRH/BD/138422/2018 Start date: 2019-02-01 End date: 2023-01-31

Interesses de investigação

Marine Protectec Areas
Ocean Governance and Management
Maritime Spatial Planning
Collaborative Networks
Marine resources management

Graus académicos

Post-graduation course on Administrative Law of the Sea (University of Lisbon)
MSc on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (University of Ghent)
BSc Environmental Sciences and Technology (University of Porto)

Atividades científicas

Marine Protected Areas
Ocean Governance
Maritime Spatial Planning



SIMAtlantic - Apoio à Implementação do Ordenamento do Espaço Marítimo na região do Atlântico Ver mais

Avaliação Ambiental Estratégica do Plano de Ordenamento do Espaço Marítimo Nacional Ver mais

SIMNORAT – Apoio à implementação do ordenamento do espaço marítimo Europeu do Atlântico Norte Ver mais

Orientações científicas

Short Bio

Márcia Marques holds a bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences and Technology (University of Porto) and an Erasmus Mundus Master course in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (University of Ghent) . She also concluded a postgraduate course in Administrative Law of the Sea (University of Lisbon). Environment, ocean governance and management, capacity building are the issues which Márcia has more interest and has been working with.

Professionally Márcia has working experience with multi-partner contexts, particularly in an international level. She already worked in Cape Verde and Brazil and also in fisheries boats. Between 2013-2017 Márcia had  worked in the Intersectoral Oceanographic Commission (IOC) – Ministry of Education and Science, in Lisbon, several responsibilities regarding the management of requests of foreign oceanographic vessels campaigns, participation and support of international Working Groups (European Marine Board) and support of the Gabinete Oceano (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

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