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  • Authors: Freitas, R., Almeida, A., Calisto, V., Velez, C., Moreira, A., Schneider, R.J., Esteves, V.I., Wrona, F.J., Figueira, E., Soares, A.M.V.M.
  • Title: The impacts of pharmaceutical drugs under ocean acidification: new data on single and combined chronic effects of Carbamazepine on Scrobicularia plana
  • Publication Type: oral communication
  • Source: SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting, Nantes, France
  • Conference Title: SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting
  • Conference Location: Nantes, França
  • Conference Date: 22-26 May 2016
  • Document Type: oral communication
  • Year Published: 2016

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