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Zwolinsky J. (2008). Estimação acústica da distribuição e abundância de Sardinia pilchardus. PhD Thesis. See more
Yamasaki A. (2005). Estudos de adsorção de metais com interesse ambiental utilizando sensores acústicos de cristais piezoeléctricos de quartzo. PhD Thesis. See more
Vingada J. (2006). Bioacumulação de organoclorados numa cadeia trófica terrestre. PhD Thesis. See more
Vilar S. (em curso). Effects of upwelling conditions on larval quality and post-settlement survival in the crab Carcinus maenas. PhD Thesis. See more
Vieira, R.P. (2017). Functioning and vulnerability of continental slope ecosystems: combining stable isotope and visual survey approaches. PhD Thesis. See more
Vieira P (2017). Associations between genetic and community diversity in Northeast Atlantic rocky shore environments: the case of the peracarids. PhD Thesis. See more
Vieira L.M.S. (em curso). Título ainda não atribuido. PhD Thesis. See more
Vieira D.C.S. (2015). Understanding and modeling hydrological and soil erosion processes in burnt forest catchments. PhD Thesis. See more
Vidal T.D.S. (2013). Avaliação ecológica do efeito combinado de contaminantes ambientais através do uso de novas metodologias. PhD Thesis. See more
Vicente A.M. (2012). Characterization of gas and particle emissions from wildfires. PhD Thesis. See more
Verónica Bastos (2016). Do silver nanoparticles induce cytotoxicity and genotoxicity in human skin, blood and liver cell lines?. PhD Thesis. See more
Veríssimo M.I.S. (2003). Aplicações analíticas de sensores de massa baseados em diferentes substratos piezoeléctricos. PhD Thesis. See more
Vaz N.A.F. (2007). Estudo dos processos de transporte de calor e de sal no Canal do Espinheiro (Ria de Aveiro) (Study of heat and salt transport processes in the Espinheiro Channel (Ria de Aveiro)) . PhD Thesis. See more
Vasques, ARPF (2013). Assessment of higher plant species suitability for ecological restoration following major disturbance. PhD Thesis. See more
Vargas C.I.C. (em curso). Termohaline Adjustments Induced by Climate Change and Anthropogenic Interventions in Contrasting Lagoons: Ria de Aveiro and Ria Formosa. PhD Thesis. See more
Vargas C.I.C. Thermohaline Adjustments Induced by Climate and Morphologic Changes in Contrasting Lagoons: Ria de Aveiro and Ria Formosa. PhD Thesis. See more
Varela Teijeiro M.E. (2007). Efecto de los incendios forestales en la degradación física de los suelos de Galicia. PhD Thesis. See more
Varanda A.S. (em curso). Unraveling the cellular networks that regulate proteotoxic stress. PhD Thesis. See more
Vallina A.L. (em curso). Population parameters and genetic structure of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena, Linnaeus 1758) in the North western coast of the Iberian Peninsula. PhD Thesis. See more
Valente S. (2013). Stakeholder participation in Sustainable Forest Management in Fire Prone Areas. PhD Thesis. See more
Valente J. (2011). Modelação da qualidade do ar e da saúde humana: da mesoescala à dose. PhD Thesis. See more
Válega M. (2009). Partition, acumulation and speciation of mercury in salt marshes. PhD Thesis. See more
Tourinho P.S. (2015). Effects of metal-based nanoparticles on the terrestrial isopod Porcellionides pruinosus. PhD Thesis. See more
Torres, R. (2011). Ecogeography of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus): relation with other ungulates in sympatry. PhD Thesis. See more
Tomás A (em curso). Parasites of wild birds and environmental changes: impacts and ecological implications. PhD Thesis. See more
Tim-Tim A.L. (em curso). Environmental impact in Vouga River and thresholds of pesticides in drinking water. PhD Thesis. See more
Teles M.P.M. (2006). Efeitos fisiológicos e genotóxicos induzidos por contaminantes ambientais em peixes. PhD Thesis. See more
Teixeira A. S. (em curso). Terrestrial ecotoxicity under tropical conditions: tools for effect assessment and adaptation of guidelines. PhD Thesis. See more
Tavares S.C.M. (em curso). The transfer of mercury in an estuarine food chain. PhD Thesis. See more
Tavares R. (2011). Libertação acidental de gases tóxicos: modelação e avaliação do risco / Accidental release of hazardous gases: modelling and assessing risk. PhD Thesis. See more
Tânia Barros (2015). Molecular Ecology of the Egyptian mongoose (Herpestes ichneumon) in Portugal. PhD Thesis. See more
Tacão M. (2014). Resistance to last-resort antibiotics in natural environments. PhD Thesis. See more
Susana Margarida das Neves Mendes (2011). Cumulus Momentum Fluxes in Cloud-Resolving Model Simulations of TOGA-COARE. PhD Thesis. See more
Sumares D. (2013). A Rede Natura 2000 na Ria de Aveiro - Projectos, Actores e Narrativas. PhD Thesis. See more
Subida M.D.C. (2008). Colonização e sucessão de macrofauna em substratos artificiais (Colonization and succession of macrofauna in artificial substrates). PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa, Lisa Pinto (2017). Model to Integrated Ecosystems Services into the Planning Processes. PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa, Ana Isabel Francisco (2010). Nitrogen and metals as multiple stressors affecting the auto-remediation role of salt marshes: consequences to the ecosystem services. PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa M.C.F. (2013). Modelling the Minho River Plume Intrusion into the Rias Baixas. PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa L.P. (2017). Model to integrate ecosystem services into the planning process. PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa E. (em curso). Creating strategies and contents for the science communication of Biodiversity: The case of the new Biodiversity Center in the city of Porto, Portugal. PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa A.C. (em curso). Avaliação da poluição por compostos organoclorados, organoestânicos e alquilfenóis na Costa Continental Portuguesa e estudo do seu efeito na esterilização de populações de moluscos bivalves e gastrópodes. PhD Thesis. See more
Sousa A. (2009). Levels and Biological Effects of Selected Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the Portuguese Coast. PhD Thesis. See more
Soares, N.M. Negrões (2009). Human-Wildlife Coexistence in the Amazon Agricultural frontier. PhD Thesis. See more
Soares AR (2011). Zebrafish small RNAs: unraveling expression and functions of novel microRNAs and tRNA fragments in a vertebrate model/Pequenos RNAs de peixe zebra: expressão e função de novos microRNAs e fragmentos de tRNA num modelo vertebrado. PhD Thesis. See more
Simões M.S.R. (2013). Characterization of proteotoxic stress in zebrafish. PhD Thesis. See more
Simões J.M.S. (em curso). A Genetic Code Alteration as a Phenotypic Diversity Generator in the Human Pathogen Candida albicans. PhD Thesis. See more
Simões J.M.S. (2013). Phenotypic Consequences of Genome Mistranslation in Candida albicans. PhD Thesis. See more
Sílvia R. Faria (2016). Wildfire effects on forest soil organic matter stocks and losses by runoff. PhD Thesis. See more
Silveira C. (em curso). Development of a biogenic emission model for precursors of secondary organic aerosols using remote sensing data. PhD Thesis. See more
Silva, P. V. (ongoing). Toxicokinetics of nanoparticles across aquatic food chains. PhD Thesis. See more

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