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Barbiero, C.C.N. (2014). Zoneamento edafoclimático e ambiental para a batata-doce e as implicações das mudanças climáticas no estado do Tocantins. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Soares AR (2011). Zebrafish small RNAs: unraveling expression and functions of novel microRNAs and tRNA fragments in a vertebrate model/Pequenos RNAs de peixe zebra: expressão e função de novos microRNAs e fragmentos de tRNA num modelo vertebrado. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
David Carvalho (2014). Wind energy resource modelling in Portugal and its future large-scale large scale alteration due to anthropogenic induced climate changes. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Fereira R.S.V. (2016). Wildfire effects on soil nutrients stocks and exports by overland flow. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Sílvia R. Faria (2016). Wildfire effects on forest soil organic matter stocks and losses by runoff. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Matos Milena (2011). Vertebrate diversity in the Bussaco Mountain and surrounding areas. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Pereira J.L. (2008). Variações populacionais de cladóceros sujeitos a diferentes condições de stress. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Pato P. (2007). Variability of mercury distribution and exchanges between the Ria de Aveiro and the Atlantic Ocean. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Brito G. (2009). Valorização do coberto vegetal da Ilha de Porto Santo utilizando estratégias de Biotecnologia e acções ambientais. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
David Ramos Silva (2016). Valorisation of ashes from biomass combustion on liming and recycling of nutrients to the soil. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Freitas, R. (2005). Utilização de métodos acústicos na caracterização remota de biótopos bentónicos. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Duarte M. (2016). Unravelling the genetic basis of the reproductive isolation between two sister species of pine voles living in sympatry. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Varanda A.S. (em curso). Unraveling the cellular networks that regulate proteotoxic stress. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Vieira D.C.S. (2015). Understanding and modeling hydrological and soil erosion processes in burnt forest catchments. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Melo-Gonçalves P. (2008). Tropical Ocean Forcing of the Euro-Atlantic Atmosphere. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Domingues P.I. (2007). Tropical agro-systems: bioassays for evaluation of aquatic contamination. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Leal, M.C. (2014). Trophic plasticity in the cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Leal M.A.C. (em curso). Trophic plasticity in coral nutrition – its relevance for marine biotechnology and coral reefs conservation. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Cruz A. (2012). Tributyltin (TBT) resistance in Aeromonas molluscorum Av27. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Nadais, H. (2002). Tratamento de efluentes de indústrias de lacticínios em reactores UASB com funcionamento intermitente. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Olaguer-Feliú, A. (2011). Transporte y reclutamiento larvario de crustáceos bentónicos litorales: importancia de los agente sforzadores costeros y régimen mareal. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Pacheco S.A. (2015). Translating proteomics into environmental health: Biomarkers discovery for tobacco smoke – induced biological damage. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Monarca R. (em curso). Trade-off between body weight and predation pressure in the wood mouse. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Sampaio L. (2010). Tracing Coastal Organic Enrichment: Stable Isotopes and Biotic Indices. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Fernandes A.S. (em curso). Trabalho de Projecto como Metodologia e Instrumento de Avaliação em Actividades de Educação Ambiental. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Silva, P. V. (ongoing). Toxicokinetics of nanoparticles across aquatic food chains. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Oliveira E.L.C. (2013). Toxicogenomics of natural and anthropogenic effectors in eleutheroembryos. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Monteiro HR (2019). Toxicity of pesticides to Chironomus riparius: changes in proteome, biochemical biomarkers and individual responses. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Pérez J.R. (2013). Toxicidade de químicos em mistura: o caso da albufeira do Alqueva. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Charro N. (2011). Towards Biomarkers Discovery for Chronic Lung Diseases. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Pessoa J.N.C. (em curso). Tomografia sísmica entre furos de sondagem. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Vieira L.M.S. (em curso). Título ainda não atribuido. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Oliveira M. (em curso). Título a definir. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Vargas C.I.C. Thermohaline Adjustments Induced by Climate and Morphologic Changes in Contrasting Lagoons: Ria de Aveiro and Ria Formosa. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Quinteiro P. (2015). The water footprint of agro-industrial products. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Laranjeiro F.M.G. (2016). The use of Imposex/Intersex as a tool to assess ecological quality status of water bodies. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Damásio J.B. (2010). The use of biomarkers to diagnose the ecological impact of pollutants in Mediterranean rivers. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Tavares S.C.M. (em curso). The transfer of mercury in an estuarine food chain. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Costa T.L. (em curso). The role of proteinn synthesis fidelity in cell degeneration. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Reverendo M. (em curso). The role of 3’-UTR Dynamics and microRNA function in cell development and disease. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Nuzzo M (2007). The origin of light hydrocarbon gases in mud volcano fluids, Gulf of Cadiz. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Machado A.L.F.B. (2015). The effects of wildfires on lotic macroinvertebrate communities in Portugal . PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Oliveira I.M.C.T.G. (em curso). The effects of chemical mixtures to several generations of Daphnia magna. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Gomes A.C. (2012). The effect of environmental stress on protein synthesis fidelity. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Mendes R. (2016). The Douro estuarine plume: detection, processes and dynamics. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Azevedo-Pereira, H.M.V.S. (2010). Testes Ecotoxicológicos com Chironomus riparius. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Teixeira A. S. (em curso). Terrestrial ecotoxicity under tropical conditions: tools for effect assessment and adaptation of guidelines. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Vargas C.I.C. (em curso). Termohaline Adjustments Induced by Climate Change and Anthropogenic Interventions in Contrasting Lagoons: Ria de Aveiro and Ria Formosa. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Pereira C. (2016). Terapia Fágica - Uma Nova Tecnologia para Depuração de Bivalves. PhD Thesis. Ver mais
Matos, L.M.L.N. (em curso). Temporal distribution of cold-water corals on the North Atlantic through the Late Quaternary: footprint of intermediate water mass circulation. PhD Thesis. Ver mais

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