Forging sustainability

  • Authors: Prats S.A., Malvar M.C., Faria S.R., Vieira D.C.S., Maia P.A.A., Vasques A., Albuquerque A., Xufeng Shen, Vermin H., Keizer, J.J
  • Editors: Proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting of Fire Effects on Soil Properties, pg 263-265. NIGP-Univ. Minho and CEGOT
  • Title: Effectiveness of hydro-mulching to reduce runoff and erosion in a recently burnt and logged Maritime Pine stand in north-central Portugal
  • Publication Type: comunication
  • Conference Title: Fire Effects on Soil Properties
  • Conference Location: NIGP-Univ. Minho and CEGOT, Guimaraes,Portugal
  • Year Published: 2011

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