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    D-Counter (2017) HidroRia (2017) Pilot scale (75 kWth) bubbling fluidized bed reactor for demonstration studies of biomass and wastes gasification for energetic valorization (2017) Prototype facility with fixed bed reactor to study the pyrolysis process of distinct biomass and waste types towards energy and material (biochar) valorisation (2017) SeaRangTech project. Prototype system for coastal video-monitoring (2017) Pilot-scale facility twith pellet-stove (5 kWth) and dilution tunnel to study the performance of biomass combustion in domestic stoves and related energy efficiency and gaseous pollutant emissions (2015) A portable device for authentication of DNA labels (2014) Pilot-scale (30 kWth) bubbling fluid bed reactor for study and demonstration research in combustion processes of biomass and solid wastes and respective emissions of gaseous pollutants and ash characteristics (2014)

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    NATIONAL  - [in PT] Processo para conversão de resíduos, efluentes e subprodutos orgânicos em materiais valorizáveis (2018)Approved in 14-03-2018, no. 108093 - [in PT] Equipamento e processo de extração por fluxo de contaminantes biológicos e químicos (2017)Approved in 19-12-2017, no. 105390 - [in PT] Sistema e método de medição da resposta da fluorescência da clorofila a variações da intensidade ou qualidade da luz (2013)Approved in 09-07-2013, no. 107052 - [in PT] Biosensor descartável para a detecção e quantificação de alquilfenóisRequest for approval in 11-05-2016, no. 109382   INTERNATIONAL - A portable device, a method to read authentication labels and their usesPublished in 09-11-2017, no. PCT/IB2017/052570 - Molecular label containing dna molecules and process for marking and identifying the label (2015) Published in 26-02-2015, no. PCT/PT2014/000056  

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