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AQUACROSS project presents its Information Platform

AQUACROSS project presents its Information Platform


The AQUACROSS Information Platform aims to provide open access to a wide range of resources related to aquatic (freshwater, marine and coastal) ecosystems and biodiversity management at the European level. The primary focus is on data used in the various project Case Studies and Work packages, and resulting maps, model outputs and tools that can be used by and adapted to other regional studies.

After almost three years, the AQUACROSS project  is still running and it is now at the stage of implementing its Assessment Framework to its case studies, including the Ria de Aveiro in Portugal.

AQUACROSS aims to support EU efforts to enhance the resilience and stop the loss of biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems as well as to ensure the ongoing and future provision of aquatic ecosystem services. It focuses on advancing the knowledge base and application of the ecosystem-based management concept for aquatic ecosystems by developing cost effective measures and integrated management practices. AQUACROSS considers the EU policy framework (i.e. goals, concepts, time frames) for aquatic ecosystems and builds on knowledge stemming from different sources (i.e. WISE, BISE, Member State reporting, modelling) to develop innovative management tools, concepts, and business models (i.e. indicators, maps, ecosystem assessments, participatory approaches, mechanisms for promoting the delivery of ecosystem services) for aquatic ecosystems at various scales. It thereby provides an unprecedented effort to unify policy concepts, knowledge, and management concepts of freshwater, coastal, and marine ecosystems to support the cost-effective achievement of the targets set out by the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy.

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