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Environmental Risk Assessment Laboratory (RISKA)


The activities of the RISKA focus mainly on: (i) assessing the suitability of toxicity parameters associated with pesticides, derived in temperate climates, for Ecological Risk Assessment under tropical conditions; (ii) the utilization of European Ecological Risk Assessment schemes for contaminated sites (abandoned mine areas), in order to improve quantity and quality of data gathered and also a progressive reduction in the uncertainty of the evaluations; (iii) studying the environmental effects of nanomaterials, and other emerging and/or persistent pollutants (POPs), after their release in the aquatic environments as well as their interactions with representatives from different trophic levels; (iv) understanding how alien fish and mollusc species interact with the native species, in order to fully comprehend their impacts and interactions with other environmental stressors and to propose future mitigation measures; (v) the development of mechanistic approaches to model and describe effects of different types of environmental stressors in organisms, including the development of a multi-biomarker approach for aquatic monitoring in a multi-pollution context; vi) the development of a strategy integrating multilevel biological endpoints for use in ecological risk assessment); (vii) merging ecological theory with ecotoxicology, by assessing ecologically relevant endpoints and scenarios, focusing on contaminant impacts on biotic interactions and taking into consideration adaptation to stressors; and (viii) assessment of causal links between with biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services and how they are modulated by environmental pressures.


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