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CESAM is qualified for providing R&D and Innovation services and consutancy to small and medium enterprises as well as to governmental institutions. Some of the examples that CESAM provides include:

  • Characterization, viability and monitoring associated to the coastal engineering structures and/or other management activities in litoral
  • Sedimentary dynamics
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Ecotoxicological evaluation in terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms
  • Inventory of atmospheric emissions
  • Air quality modelling
  • Wind tunnel physical modelling
  • Quantification of forest fires impacts on air and human health
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation
  • Urban sustainability assessment
  • Human health exposure to air pollution
  • Air quality management
  • Identification and analysis of essential oils of different matrices
  • Courses, consulting and elaboration of scientific and divulgation contents in different areas

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