Forging sustainability


  • World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation (WSCCA- 2017). Coimbra, Portugal, 6-8 Set 2017
  • Marine Protected Areas and Management Plans for cetaceans and seabirds, LIFE MarPro. Ílhavo, Portugal, 4- 5 Dez 2017
  • 27th Meeting SETAC-Europe (sessão: Advances on the assessment of environmental pollutants to amphibians and reptiles). Bruxelas, Bélgica, 5-11 Jul 2017
  • British Ornithologists’ Union Annual Meeting. Universidade de Warwick, Reino Unido, 28-30 Mar 2017
  • European Amphibian Club 2017 Congress (sessão: Ecotoxicology and worldwide decline of amphibians). Rennes, França, 29-30 Jun 2017
  • European Amphibian Club 2017 Congress (sessão: Evolução). Rennes, França, 29-30 Jun 2017
  • ENRAM’s Symposium “Radar aeroecology: methods, applications and new discoveries". Roma, Itália, 23-28 Fev 2017
  • Conferência final da COST Action ES1205: Engineered nanomaterials from wastewater treatment & stormwatEr to Rivers. Universidade de Aveiro, 7-8 Fev 2017
  • ICES Annual Science Conference 2017 (sessão: Integrating economic and social sciences in marine ecosystem services research. Fort Lauderdade, USA, 18-21 Set 2017
  • 23nd Annual Conference of the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) (sessão: Inclusive sustainability for development: How to engange academy, government, communities and business”). Bogotá, Colombia, 14-16 Jun 2017
  • MARE Conference 2017 (sessão: Gender/women relations within coastal and fisheries communities: from past to present). Amesterdão, Holanda, 4-7 Jul 2017
  • MARE Conference 2017 (sessão: Markets and market opportunities for small-scale fishery products). Amesterdão, Holanda, 4-7 Jul 2017
  • MEC2017, 4th Conference on Costal and Estuarine Morphodynamics. Porto, Portugal, 18-19 Mai 2017

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