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Ecossistemas & Recursos Marinhos (MER)

Coordenador: Ricardo Calado
Co-coordenadora: Cristina Pita


  • Uso sustentável dos recursos marinhos
  • Pesca, aquacultura, segurança alimentar
  • Bioprospecção para compostos bioativos
  • Portos e costas inteligentes
  • Saúde do oceano
  • Planeamento espacial marítimo


By providing scientific support to a Sustainable Blue Economy and fostering Ocean Literacy, MER Thematic Line aims to contribute to a Blue Society, where solutions are inspired by the ocean; and improve ocean and coastal decision-making, supported by solid scientific knowledge.
Portugal holds jurisdiction over one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones in the European Union. If Portuguese claims for a Continental Shelf extension beyond the 200 nautical miles are endorsed by the United Nations, Portugal may gain jurisdiction over a maritime area 40 times larger than its continental footprint. As such, Portugal needs to devise innovative and more efficient actions to use its oceanic and coastal regions. MER TL actions are therefore fully aligned with national and regional smart specialization strategies (RIS3), namely the valorisation of endogenous resources, as well as the implementation of biorefinery and circular economy frameworks.

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