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7th Workshop in Lipidomics

7th Workshop in Lipidomics

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University of Aveiro, 28 Feb 2018

Concluding remarks

  • Mass spectrometry-based Lipidomic approaches are valuable tools to identify lipid signature and candidate biomarkers associated to disease, opening new perspectives in understanding the role of lipids in the health or disease.
  • The knowledge acquired on membrane????s biophysical parameters are key issues to find membrane targets, design drugs and delivery systems, and identify the interplay between drugs and cell membrane.
  • Identification of lipid profile alterations in children obesity is a useful tool to determine biomarkers for early diagnosis and to predict disease development.
  • The identification of optimal instrumental parameters in Mass Spectrometry Analysis is a key issue for the detection of modified PLs in biological samples.
  • Lipids play a relevant role in the activation of immune system cells, and thus they can be an valuable tool to develop new strategies against disease.
  • Obesity-related metabolic changes are associated with lipid profile alterations and cancer development.
  • Specific variations in phospholipidome profile allowed to identify putative biomarkers and understand the biological processes related to myocardial infarction. 

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