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FAIRMODE was recognized by NATURE in its last editorial

FAIRMODE was recognized by NATURE in its last editorial

FAIRMODE (Forum for Air Quality Modelling in Europe) was metntioned in the last Editorial of the renowned journal NATURE. More specifically, it is stated that 

“Scientists can also help to develop and provide well-tested modelling tools that local authorities can use to improve assessments of their specific circumstances, and to design action plans. The Forum for air quality modelling in Europe (FAIRMODE), a joint programme by scientists with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the European Environment Agency, is tasked with developing air-pollution models and is working to harmonize monitoring methods across the bloc. But as air-quality concerns continue to grow, the forum must liaise more with city leaders and health specialists to make sure they get the tools and data they need.”.

FAIRMODE counts with the contribution of the researcher Alexandra Monteiro in the Management Committee as Chairman of the Planning Working Group.  

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