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    COST Action CA21166 - SHiFT: Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience (2022-2026) COST Action CA21157 - COPYTREE: European Network for Innovative Woody Plant Cloning (2022-2026) COST Action CA20108 - FAIRNESS: FAIR NEtwork of micrometeorological measurements (2021-2025) COST Action CA20106 - SEAWHEAT: Tomorrow’s ‘Wheat Of The Sea’: Ulva, A Model For An Innovative Mariculture (2021-2025) COST Action CA20101 - Plastics monitoRIng detectiOn RemedIaTion recoverY (2021-2025) COST Action CA19125 - EPIgenetic mechanisms of Crop Adaptation To Climate cHange (2020-2024) Cost Action CA19124 - CIRCUL-A-BILITY: RETHINKING PACKAGING FOR CIRCULAR AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD SUPPLY CHAINS OF THE FUTURE (2020-2024) COST Action CA19105 - Pan European Network in Lipidomics and Epilipidomics (2020-2024) COST Action CA18221 - PERIAMAR: PEsticide RIsk AssessMent for Amphibians and Reptiles (2019-2023) COST Action CA18132 - GLYCONanoPROBES: Functional glyconanomaterials for the development of diagnostics and targeted therapeutic probes (2019-2023) COST Action CA18237 - EUdaphobase: European Soil-Biology Data Warehouse for Soil Protection (2019-2023) COST Action CA18135 - FIRElinks: Fire in the Earth System - Science & Society (2019-2023) COST Action CA18134 - Genomic Biodiversity Knowledge for Resilient Ecosystems (2019-2023) COST Action CA17140 - Cancer nanomedicine: from the bench to the bedside (2018-2023) COST Action CA17122 - Alien CSI: Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science (2018-2022)

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    COST Action CA17104 - New diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug resistant tumors (2018-2022) COST Action CA17134 - SENSECO: Optical synergies for spatiotemporal sensing of scalable ecophysiological traits (2018-2022) COST Action CA17136 - INDAIRPOLLNET: Indoor Air Pollution Network (2018-2022) COST Action CA16202 - InDust: International Network to Encourage the Use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products (2017-2021) COST Action CA15206 - Forests for Water: Payments for Ecosystem Services (2016-2021) COST Action CA15121 - MarCons: Advancing marine conservation in the European and contiguous seas (2016-2020) COST Action CA15217 - Ocean Governance for sustainability – challenges, options and the role of science (2016-2020) COST Action CA15107 - MultiComp: Multi-Functional Nano-Carbon Composite Materials Network (2016-2020) FPS COST Action FP1406 - PINESTRENGTH: Pine pitch canker - strategies for management of Gibberella Circinata in greenhouses and forests (2015-2019) FPS COST Action FP1407 - ModWoodLife: Understanding wood modification through an integrated scientific and environmental impact approach (2015-2019) COST Action FA 1402 - ImpARAS: Improving Allergy Risk Assessment Strategy for new proteins (2014-2018) COST Action ES1309 - OPTIMISE: Spectrometry for ecosystem monitoring (2014-2018) COST Action CM1403 - The European upconversion network - from the design of photon-upconverting nanomaterials to biomedical applications (2014-2018) COST Action IS1403-30556 - Oceans Past Platform (2014-2018) COST Action FA1306 - The quest for tolerant varieties: phenotyping at plant and cell level (2014-2018) COST Action CM1403 - The European upconversion network - from the design of photon-upconverting nanomaterials to biomedical applications (2014-2018) COST Action ES1403 - NEREUS: New and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse (2014-2018) COST Action ES1306 - Connecting European connectivity research (2014-2018) COST Action FP1401 - Global Warning: A global network of nurseries as early warning system against alien tree pests (2014-2018) COST Action FP1403 - NNEXT: Non-native tree species for european forests - experiences, risks and opportunities (2014-2018)  COST Action ES1305 - European Network for the Radar surveillance of Animal Movement (ENRAM) (2013-2017) COST Action FP1303 - Performance of bio-based building materials (2013-2017) COST Action: Evaluation of Ocean Synthesis: ES1402 (2013-2017) COST Action CM1304 - Emergence and Evolution of Complex Chemical Systems (2013-2017) COST Action ES1301 - FLOWS: Impact of Fluid circulation in old oceanic Lithosphere on the seismicity of transfOrm-type plate boundaries: neW solutions for early seismic monitoring of major European Seismogenic zones (2013-2017) COST Action ES1308 - ClimMani: Climate Change Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Networking and Outreach (2013-2017) COST Action ES1205 -The transfer of engineered nanomaterials from wastewater treatment & stormwater to rivers (2013-2017) COST Action FA1303 - Sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases (2013-2017)  COST Action FP1204 - Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests (2013-2017)    COST Action TD1204 - Modelling Nanomaterial Toxicity (MODENA) (2012-2016)   COST Action IS1204 - TObeWELL: Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (2012-2016)    COST Action TD1107 - Biochar as option for sustainable resource management (2012-2016)   COST Action TD1105 - EuNetAir: European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability (2012 - 2016) COST Action FA 1005 INFOGEST, EU. Improving Health Properties of Food by Sharing our Knowledge on the Digestive Process COST Action ES1006 - Evaluation, improvement and guidance for the use of local-scale emergency prediction and response tools for airborne hazards in built environments (2011 - 2015)  COST Action ES1004 - EutMetChem: European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modelling (2011 - 2015)  COST Action ES0906 - Seagrass productivity: from genes to ecosystem management (2010-2014) COST ACTION CM 1001-Chemistry of non-enzymatic protein modification - modulation of protein structure and function (2010-2014) COST Action TD0803 - DARE: Detecting evolutionary hot spots of antibiotic resistances in Europe (2009-2013) COST Action ES0804 - Advancing the integrated monitoring of trace gas exchange between biosphere and atmosphere (2009-2013) COST Action CM0804 - Chemical Biology with Natural Products (2009-2013) COST Action ES0804 - Advancing the integrated monitoring of trace gas exchange between biosphere and atmosphere  (2009-2013) COST Action TD0803 - DARE: Detecting evolutionary hot spots of antibiotic resistances in Europe  (2009-2013)  COST Action TU0801 - Semantic enrichment of 3D city models for sustainable urban development (2008-2012) COST Action FP0701 - Post-fire forest management in Southern Europe (2008-2012) COST Action ES0602 - ENCWF: Towards a European Network on Chemical Weather Forecasting and Information Systems (2007-2011) COST Action FP0601 - FORMAN: Forest Management and the Water Cycle (2007-2011) COST Action ES0604 - WaVaCS: Atmospheric Water Vapour in the Climate System (2007-2011) COST Action - Quality Assurance and Improvement of Microscale Meteorological Models (2005-2009) COST Action 728 - Enhancing Meso-scale Meteorological Modelling Capabilities for Air (2004-2009) COST Action 634 -On- and Off-site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion (2004-2008) COST Action 633 - Particulate matter: Properties related to health effects (2002-2008)

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