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WATER Symposium

WATER Symposium

On the scope of the World Water Day, the symposium WATER will occur on the 22 Mar 2019. It has the support of the department of Biology and CESAM - Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies, University of Aveiro. The theme suggested by this year by United Nations (UN) is “Leaving No One Behind - Human Rights and Refugees". Following this and taking into account the research lines at the university, the theme "Water access matters, engaging everyone" was proposed for this symposium.

Speakers list considers the ongoing projects of CESAM and also the business context of the region of Aveiro. This way, the talks will have a special focus on the management of aquatic resources and how they contribute for the resilience and well-being of human populations.

The symposiumwill be held at University of Aveiro (Carlos Borrego, Amphitheater, DAO), 09:30-13h. Presentations will be in English (15’ each).

More on the event here. You can also assist these event through this link.

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