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Researcher from CESAM is Guest Editor of a special issue in the journal Antibiotics

Researcher from CESAM is Guest Editor of a special issue in the journal Antibiotics

The researcher Felisa Rey from CESAM & DBio together with the researcher Eliana Alves from QOPNA-DQ, University of Aveiro have been invited by the journal Antibiotics, MDPI (ISSN 2079-6382) to be Guest Editors of a special issue entitled "Antimicrobial Lipids from Plants and Marine Organisms".

Plants and marine organisms are extraordinary reservoirs of natural products with biological activity. In order to combat the remarkable increase in antibiotic resistance, it is necessary to find novel antimicrobials from natural sources that have intrinsic defense strategies. Lipids include a myriad of structures and the ability to adapt to environmental changes and protect plants and marine organisms from different environmental stresses. Several lipid classes obtained from these matrices have antimicrobial activity on different human pathogens. Free fatty acids have been the most studied compounds. However, the great world of lipids as antimicrobials is far from being fully explored. Thus, it is imperative to explore these endless sources of bioactive lipids, and to isolate, identify and characterize the compounds that exert the antimicrobial activity and to evaluate their in vitro and in vivo efficiency.

This special issue of Antibiotics aims at gathering the most recent work from researchers keen to demonstrate that lipids from natural sources are promising candidates as antibiotics and to boost new biotechnological applications of lipids in medicine, and in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

The deadline for manuscript submission is 28th February 2020.

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