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  • Talks of CESAM constituted by 6 talks during the year with members as invited speakers.
  • Cycle of 4 Seminars of the research Project SaudAr: The Health and the Air we breathe. Viseu, Portugal, May-Jun
  • Seminar of the research Project ENSEMBLAIR: Improving air quality assessment with ensemble modelling. University of Aveiro, Portugal, 24 Jun


  • Larval Biology Symposium 2008. Lisbon, Portugal, 6-11 Jul
  • COST 634: On –and Off-site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion. University of Aveiro, Portugal, 30 Jun - 4 Jul
  • Final Seminar of the research Project INTERFACE: Effect of wildland-urban interface fires on air quality. University of Aveiro, Portugal, 3 Dec

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