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Conference -  'Lipids in the Ocean'

Conference - 'Lipids in the Ocean'

The Marine Biotechnology & Aquaculture (MBA) / CESAM and the Mass Spectrometry Centre from the University of Aveiro have the great pleasure to bring forward the 2ndedition of the Conference Lipids in the Ocean, that will be held at University of Aveiro from 17-19 of November 2020.  We are pleased to offer a scientific programme covering different areas of Marine Lipids, and we will have the participation of keynote lecturers and other recognized experts from different countries, that already confirmed their participation in the conference. The motivation of this International Conference is to bring together researchers, students and stakeholders, from academia and industries, to shape knowledge, expertise and research developments in the Marine Lipids topics:

Session 1– Marine lipidomics and its applications

Session 2– Lipids in changing ocean and climate changes

Session 3– Lipids as biomarkers in trophic sea webs

Session 4– Green lipids from the ocean (seaweeds, microalgae, and macrophytes)

Session 5– Marine lipids biotechnology: prospects and applications

Session 6– Seafood traceability using lipids

Keynote Speakers

-          John Harwood | Cardiff University, School of Biosciences, United Kingdom

-          Isabel Medina| Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas, SCIC, Spain

-          Jorge Spangenberg | UNIL, Switzerland

-          David Pond | University of Stirling, Scotland

-          Marleen De Troch | Marine Biology Research Group, Ghent University, Belgium

Details about the conference can be seen in the webpage (

We invite you to participate in this International Conference!


On behalf of the organization

Rosário Domingues

Marine Lipidomics Laboratory

University of Aveiro

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