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"Lousada. Reencontro com a Natureza" - March 22, 12pm at SIC - with CESAM as scientific partner

"Lousada. Reencontro com a Natureza" - March 22, 12pm at SIC - with CESAM as scientific partner

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'Lousada. Reencontro com a Natureza', portrays the work of inventorying the diversity of animals and plants and the conservation efforts to help wildlife in the municipality of Lousada. This is a territory with a strong human presence and therefore the natural areas are reduced and are dispersed throughout the landscape. But despite this, many species, some threatened, manage to survive in this region. 'Lousada. Reecontro com a Natureza' will bring to the big screen natural stories unknown to the general public like the largest lizards in Europe living in a football field. It is a documentary that portrays our natural values, their relationship with humanized spaces, but also social involvement, and the way in which this involvement results in the sustainability of the territory and the enhancement of Biodiversity. It will also showcase an innovative nature conservation project and the extraordinary work of a group of people dedicated to the protection of biological diversity.

This 45 minutes documentary took about 18 months and over 800 hours of footage. Joaquim Pedro Ferreira, CESAM's researcher, shares the authorship of this documentary with Manuel Nunes and Milene Matos and the production with Pedro Miguel Ferreira.

'Lousada. Reencontro com a Natureza' is a Play Solutions-Audiovisuais and Municipality of Lousada Production, that has CESAM as scientific partner. 

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