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CESAM´s researcher discovered a new species through Twitter

CESAM´s researcher discovered a new species through Twitter

A new species for science was discovered through Twitter by Ana Sofia Reboleira, who identified a American millipede, shared by a scientist in the United States. The fungus was called "Troglomyces twiterii". The discovery occurred when Ana Sofia Reboleira observed on Twitter a photo of an American millipede, shared by her colleague Derek Hannen, in which she noticed the presence of the fungus.

Laboulbeniales are highly specialized arthropod-associated fungi. The majority of the almost 2200 known species live on insects, although they also occur on other arthropod hosts. Recently, the number of Laboulbeniales associated with millipedes has increased considerably. Here we describe the first species of a Laboulbeniales fungus, Troglomyces twitteri sp. nov., from an American millipede. The new species was initially discovered on a photo of Cambala annulata (Say, 1821) from Ohio, USA, which had been shared on Twitter. A subsequent microscopic study of Cambala millipedes in museum collections in Denmark and France confirmed the discovery.


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