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Sílvia Raquel da Silva Monteiro

Sílvia Raquel da Silva Monteiro

Investigador auxiliar

  • Researcher ID: F-8611-2015
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-8784-7276
  • Ciencia ID: A01F-BD85-BC5C
  • Departamento: Química
  • Grupo de Investigação: Biogeochemical Processes & Pollutants (BPP)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU=(Monteiro S) AND AD=(Minho) AND AD=(Aveiro)

Interesses de investigação

*Marine Ecology
*Marine conservation
*Molecular Ecology
*Trophic Ecology
*Habitat use Modelling
*Marine mammals

Graus académicos

2014 | PhD in Biology| University of Minho, PT

2007 | MSc in Ecology| University of Aveiro, PT

2005 | Degree in Biology| University of Aveiro, PT

Atividades científicas

2020 | Assistant Researcher (FCT|FEDER), MicroPlasTox project | University of Aveiro, PT

2018 - 2019 | Post-doc researcher (BPD/UI88/6883/2018|INTERREG), Cephs and Chefs project | University of Aveiro, PT

2016 | Post-doc researcher at Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do Mar | University of Aveiro, PT

2014-2015 | Post-doc researcher (BPD/UI88/6883/2014|FCT), CetSenti project | University of Aveiro, PT

2011-2015 | Collaborator at LIFE+ MarPro project | University of Aveiro, PT

2010-2012 | Collaborator at FAME project | University of Minho,PT

2008-2011 | Team Member at SafeSea project | University of Minho, PT


2021 | Main examiner | Ana Ângelo | MSc in Biology | University of Aveiro, PT
2021 | Main examiner | Ana Oliveira | MSc in Biology | University of Aveiro, PT
2020 | Main examiner | Pauline Gauffier | PhD in Biology | University of Cádiz, SP
2019 | Main examiner | Sara Simões | MSc in Biology | University of Aveiro, PT
2018 | Main examiner | Joán Giménez| PhD in Biology | University of Barcelona, SP
2017 | Main examiner | Bárbara Camarão | MSc in Biology | Univeristy of Aveiro, PT
2017 | Main examiner | Glennda Pinheiro | MSc in Biology | Univeristy of Aveiro, PT
2015 | Main examiner | Andreia Pereira | MSc in Biology | University of Porto, PT

Marine Pollution Bulletin
Marine Mammal Science
Science of the Total Environment
Diversity and Distribution
Ecological Indicators
Scientia Marina

2018 | 3rd International Symposium of Ocean Governance for Sustainability | University of AVeiro, PT
2017 | LIFE+ MarPro Project Workshop | Aveiro, PT

2016 | Introduction to Linear Mixed Effects Models and GLMM with R - Bayesian and frequentist approaches | Highland Statistics | Lisbon, PT

2014 | Ecopath with Ecosim | Dr. Sheila Heymans and Dr. Karen Alexander | SAMS, Oban, UK

2012 | An Introduction to R| Dr. Alexander Douglas | University of Aberdeen, UK

2010 | An introduction to using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Marine Biological Research | Dr. Colin Macleod | Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo, SP

2010 | Linear mixed effects modelling (dealing with heterogeneity, 1-way and 2-way nested data, temporal correlation and spatial correlation) with R | Highland Statistics| Instituto Oceanográfico de Vigo, SP

2009 | Data exploration, regression, GLM and GAM with R | Highland Statistics | Instituto Oceanográfico de Vigo,SP



CephsandChefs - Polvos, lulas, chocos, pesca sustentável e chefes Ver mais

CETSENTI - Cetáceos como organismos sentinelas da saúde do meio marinho Ver mais

MARPRO - Conservação de espécies marinhas protegidas em Portugal continental Ver mais

Orientações científicas

Master (Co-orientador): Fabiana Catarina Brito Gomes (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-orientador): Cristiana Gomes Araújo (not a CESAM member)

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