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Jose Ramón Copa Rey

Jose Ramón Copa Rey

Bolsista de Pós-Doutorado

Interesses de investigação

Thermochemical conversion (combustion, gasification and pyrolisis technology) of carbonaceous solids (biomass, solid wastes).
Solid waste treatment technologies.
Environmental impact of energy conversion and solid waste
Energy and sustainable development

Graus académicos

Agricultural Engineering University of Granma - Cuba (2005)
Master in Energy Efficiency University of Oriente - Cuba (2010)
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering UNESP-São Paulo State University - Brazil (2018)

Atividades científicas

Research activities in Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering have been including the subjects of Energy and Environment, Biomass to energy, Energetic and material. Energy valorisation of solid wastes and process integration. Thermochemical conversion processes and technology (torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification, combustion) of solid fuels (coal, biomass, solid wastes, sewage sludge).


Orientações científicas

Post-doc (Orientador Principal): Luís Tarelho (CESAM member)

Financiamento do CESAM: