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Aqua_Add - Implantando o valor acrescentado da água no desenvolvimento local e regional
Peter Cornelis Roebeling
Peter Cornelis Roebeling
2012-01-01 - 2014-12-31 (36)
227496.06 €
1815439.81 €
Municipality of Eindhoven

Universidade de Aveiro
- Municipality of Eindhoven (Project lead)
- Trans-Tisza Region Environmental, Nature Protection and Water Inspectorate
- University of Debrecen Centre for Environmental Management and Policy
- Municipality of Imperia
- University of Genoa
- Bremerhaven municipality
- City of Copenhagen
- Municipality of Sofia
- Aveiro Region Intermunicipal Community
- Greater Lyon

In a large international collaboration between the Municipality of Eindhoven (F. v. Swol - project lead), CESAM-DAO-UA (P. Roebeling), various universities, municipalities and natural resource management agencies, the project 'Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development' (Aqua_Add) aims to better deploy the potential of 'water' (economically, socially and environmentally) in urbanised landscapes and to improve the implementation of water measures in local and regional spatial development.

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