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  • Authors: Gaubert P., Machordom A., Morales A., Lopez Bao J.V., Veron G., Amin M., Barros T., Basuony M., Djagoun C.A.M.S., San E. Do L., Fonseca C., Geffen E., Gouichiche M., Ozkurt S.O., Cruaud C., Couloux A., Palomares F.
  • Título: Comparative phylogeography of two African carnivorans presumably introduced into Europe: disentangling natural versus human-mediated dispersal across the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Source: Journal of Biogeography
  • Year Published: 2011
  • Volume: 38
  • Issue: 2
  • Unique Article Identifier: ISI WOS
  • link:

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