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Patrícia Ferreira Lito

Patrícia Ferreira Lito

Science and Technology Manager

  • Researcher ID: A-2350-2016
  • ORCID: 0000-0003-3425-5805
  • Ciencia ID:
  • Department: CESAM
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU=Lito PF; RID=A-2350-2016

Academic degrees

2005 - Degree in Chemical Engineering (Before Bolonha)– Universidade de Aveiro
2010 - PhD in Chemical Engineering – Universidade de Aveiro

Scientific activities

Since 2015: Science and Technology Manager at CESAM, University of Aveiro
2013–2015: Postdoctoral researcher, at University of Aveiro, on the topic "Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine".
2012: Collaboration in teaching the discipline "Advanced Engineering of Chemical Reactions", 5th year of the Integrated Master of Chemical Engineering, University of Aveiro.
2010–2013: Postdoctoral researcher, at University of Aveiro, in the area of "Molecular dynamics simulations of diffusion coefficients of polar and nonpolar systems".
2006–2010: PhD student, at University of Aveiro, on "Characterization of new microporous titanissilicates membranes of by permeability tests".


Science and Technology Manager Functions at CESAM:
▪ Technical support in the preparation of applications for national and European R&I projects
▪ Elaboration of activities reports in the scope of scientific projects
▪ Organization of science dissemination actions
▪ Support in elaboration and evaluation of scientific statistical parameters and indexes
▪ Support in R&I projects management procedures
▪ Management of scientific information and databases



Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Cusman Mauricio de Jesus (not a CESAM member)

BSd (Co-supervisor): Adriana Magueta (not a CESAM member)

CESAM Funding: