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Maria Isabel Bastos

Maria Isabel Bastos

PhD Student

  • Thesis title: Production or protection? Efficient management of coastal ecosystem services exposed to high-risk industrial activities.
  • Supervisor: Professor Doutor Peter Cornelis Roebeling / Professora Doutora Fátima Lopes Alves / Professor Doutor Sebastián Villasante (University of Santiago Compostela)

Research interests

Economy of the Sea.
Blue economy.
Sustainable development.
Ecosystem services valuation.
Environmental Economy.
Point-source water pollution.
Water pollution mitigation strategies, policies and measures.
Water pollution adaptation strategies, policies and measures.
Spatially explicit socio-economic modelling.
Environmental-economic analysis: efficiency analysis, cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis.
Environmental marketing.
Climate change.
CO2 market.
Strategic planning and management.

Academic degrees

- Qualified Specialist on Business Management (professional qualification as an expert) unanimously awarded according to the Portuguese law (DL 206/2009, the 31st. August). Public hearing before a mixt academic and entrepreneurial panel. University of Aveiro (May 2016).

- Accredited as an Experienced Expert. Title unanimously awarded by the university Scientific Board, according to the Portuguese law (DL 115/2013, art 3). University of Aveiro (March 2014).

- M.Sc. on Economics & Finance, with focus on the scientific domain of CO2 financial markets. University of Aveiro (January 2011).

- MBA, Master in Business and Administration. Porto Business School / University of Porto (September 1992).

- Graduated in International Business and Politics (a pre-Bologna 5 years university program). University of Minho (September 1985).

Scientific activities

ESP EU 2018 Conference-poster (October 2018), CIALP 2018 Conference-paper (May 2018), ICABE 2010 Conference-paper (September 2010).



Advanced Executive Course on Management (Católica Lisbon Business & Economics, 2005).

Applied Statistics (Lusíada University of Porto, 1999).

Marketing Strategies / Building the Marketing Plan (Institut Supérieur du Marketing / Paris, 1998).

Advanced Course on Management (PBS/University of Porto, 1990).

Marketing Course on "Building, Implementing and Managing the Marketing Plan" (ISEG – Lisbon School of Management & Economics / Fábrica de Chocolates Imperial, 1986).



Scientific Supervision

Bachelor (1st cycle) university degree Student: “Cordomar professional project”. (Main Supervisor): Tiago Filipe Ribeiro Cardoso (not a CESAM member)

Bachelor (1st cycle) university degree Student: “Studio Brandy professional project”. (Main Supervisor): Rui Filipe Ferreira Pinto (not a CESAM member)

Bachelor (1st cycle) university degree Student: “Real State Webmarketing”. (Main Supervisor): Filipe Nogueira da Silva (not a CESAM member)

Organization of Seminars and Conferences / Participation in Entrepreneurial Projects - Public Education Projects

Organization of Seminars and Conferences:

- Member of the organization committee of International Relations conferences (University of Minho, 1981-1984).

- Team leader of the organization committee of the first natural gas international conference in Portugal (EXPONOR/Porto, 1998).


Participation in Entrepreneurial Projects / Public Education Projects:

- She participated actively in the implementation of the Natural Gas project in Portugal. Member of the company’s ‘Board of Directors’, Head of Marketing and Media Official Spokesperson (from Jan 1996 to November 2006).

- Leader of an education campaign on how to safely use Natural Gas (targeted at children between 6 and 10 years old). Portuguese elementary schools (Braga and Porto regions, 1998 and 1999).

Supplementary information

Career Experience:

- Entrepreneur and consultant (since year 2009).

- Independent consultancy to SMEs (on strategic management, marketing management and communication management), since year 2007. Various economic sectors (furniture industry, hotel industry, restaurant industry, information technology industry, specialized retail industry, media industry and law services).

- Visiting Professor at various Portuguese colleges/universities (public and private) (since 1991 until 2015). University of Aveiro / ISCA, ISAI/ISAG, ISVOUGA, ISMAI, ITFI. Teaching areas: Economics, Microeconomics, Management, Strategic Management, Business Finance, Marketing and Communication.

- Chief Officer of Marketing and Communication (from 1993 to 2006). Multiple sectors and companies: Energy / EDP, Galpenergia, Gaz de France (1996-2006), IT / Siemens-Nixdorf, (1993).

- Marketing and Marketing Research executive. Multiple sectors and companies: retail (Jerónimo Martins group / Recheio C&C, 1994/1995), media and advertising (Sonae group, 1986/1991).

- Marketing assistant. Food industry (RAR group, 1986).


Personal Profile in brief:

Born in Aveiro (Portugal), in 1962, and currently living in the Aveiro city center. Academic background in Economics, Management and Finance.

She has over 30 years of experience as a senior manager in the business sector (energy, retail, information and communication technologies and food industry) and as a university teacher (at public and private polytechnic institutions). Since very early she developed interest on the issue of sustainable development. Along the years, she lectured Economics, Microeconomics, Management, Strategic Management, Business Finance, Marketing and Communication.

Her research interests focus on world sustainable development, the environmental economics, the blue economy and the green economy. Point-source water pollution abatement strategies (mitigation and adaptation). Ecosystem services valuation, environmental-economic analysis (efficiency analysis, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis) and environmental marketing.

She is a proficient user of Portuguese, English and French (both written and spoken), an independent user of Spanish and a basic user of Italian.  



Current Position:

Currently, she is a part-time Ph.D. Student at the Doctoral Programme of Marine Science, Technology and Management (Do*Mar) (Campus Do*Mar / University of Aveiro). She also pursues her SME business activity. 

CESAM Funding: