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Joana Barata

Joana Barata

Technological Development Researcher

Academic degrees

2009 - PhD in Chemistry - Organic chemistry (Chemistry) - University of Aveiro

2004 - Master degree in Natural Products and Food Chemistry (Chemistry) - University of Aveiro

2001 - Chemistry - Biochemistry and food chemistry (Chemistry) - University of Aveiro


Main duties at CESAM

- development of analytical methods for the analysis of chemistry and environmental samples

- Support to the management and execution of laboratory works;

- Support of the necessary equipments to perform Chemistry analysis in chemistry and environmental samples;

- Technical support in the management, maintenance and repair of laboratorial equipment;

- Technical support to I&D projects;

- Management of stocks and residues;

- Management of special gas net in the building;

- Support to the analytical data treatment through statistical methods .



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Scientific Supervision

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