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João Pedro Santos Prata Monteiro

João Pedro Santos Prata Monteiro

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

  • Researcher ID: O-3394-2018
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-9585-9632
  • Ciencia ID: E911-925E-421A
  • Department: Chemistry
  • Research Group: Marine Biotechnology & Aquaculture (MBA)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: ResearcherID: O-3394-2018; ORCID: 0000-0001-9585-9632
  • Title: GENIALG Project Supervisor: Prof. Rosário Domingues Category: BO Grant type: BPD Funding entity: Horizonte 2020, EU Grant reference: BDP/UI51/7954/2017 Start date: 2017-11-01 End date: 2020-10-31

Research interests

Marine Biochemistry
Marine Mammals

Academic degrees

Degree in Biochemistry (University of Coimbra)
Masters Degree in Cell Biology (University of Coimbra)
PhD in Biosciences, Toxicology Branch (University of Coimbra)

Scientific activities

Post-Doc Fellow 1: @ CICS, UBI, 2013-2014
Post-Doc Fellow 2: @ CBQF, UCP, 2014-2015
Post-Doc Fellow 3: @ ICBAS, UC, 2016-2017
Post-Doc Fellow 4: @ CESAM, UA, 2017- (currently; GENIALG project funded by UE)



GENIALG - GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative Macro-ALGal biorefinery See more

Scientific Supervision

Short CV

João Pedro Monteiro completed his LSc degree in Biochemistry and a MSc in Cell Biology at the the University of Coimbra.

In 2013, João completed his PhD in Biosciences (Toxicology Branch), which resulted from a collaboration between the Universities of Coimbra and Warwick (UK). The work aimed at studying the influence of diet in mitochondrial function and composition.

After finishing his PhD, João joined CICS (University of Beira Interior) and worked for a year in proteomics, and in the planning and development of a new mass spectrometry laboratory. In 2014, João moved to Porto and started working atCBQF (Catholic University of Portugal) where he was assigned more managerial duties. João also worked for a year at ICBAS (University of Porto) on Reproductive Biology, more specifically on on male reproduction, trying to uncover importance of glycerol in infertility contexts.

João is currently a fellow of the GENIALG Project (EU, Horizon 2020), a project aiming at characterizing and to adding value to macroalgae.

CESAM Funding: