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Daniela Bastos de Freitas

Daniela Bastos de Freitas

MSc Student

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  • Department: Biology
  • Research Group: Ecotoxicology
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Research interests

Bivalves production

Impact of warming and ocean acidification on marine invertebrates (bivalves and gastropods)

Academic degrees

07.2017 - Degree in Biology (4 years) | University of Aveiro (PT) | 15 (out of 20)

Scientific activities

07.2018 to present date - member of the CLIMASTAT project Biology Department (dbio) & CESAM (UA, PT)
07.2017- Scholar trainee at C.FOOD S.A.- Bivalve s aquaculture


02.2018 - Best poster presentation | CNAC’2018, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), PT



CliMaStat – Impact of climate change on marine bivalves and gastropods: life cycle disruption by statoliths malformation See more

Scientific Supervision

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