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Gloria Yaneth Palacios Jaimes

Gloria Yaneth Palacios Jaimes

Post-Doctoral Research

Research interests

Life Cycle Assessment.
Environmental Impact.
Renewable Energy Systems.
Zero Energy Buildings nZEB.
Recycling Paper.

Academic degrees

Industrial Engineering PhD. University of Valladolid. 01/02/2017. Valladolid, Spain.

Master in Chemical Engineering. University Simón Bolívar. 09/10/2014. Caracas, Venezuela.

Air Conditioning Engineering Specialist. University of Valladolid, 20/07/2012. Valladolid, Spain.

Master in Education. Pontifical University Javeriana, 9/08/2002. Cali, Colombia.

Chemical Engineering. Industrial University of Santander, 22/11/1988. Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Scientific activities

Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energy Systems Applied to Zero Energy Buildings nZEB.

Life Cycle Assessment of a Geothermal System.

Numerical Study of natural convection in a triangular cavity.

Air conditioning systems.

Incidence of the Curriculum in the Training for the Work.

Accounting and equivalence of energy in furnaces and boilers.


Short biography:
Currently working on sustainability assessment of management strategies of the forest sector in the context of the bio-economy, developing and implementing the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Tool. Yaneth Palacios have been research in Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energy Systems to transform the University lecture hall in Valladolid (Spain) into a Zero Energy Buildings nZEB, assessing the energy performance of the systems currently in use, to analyze the energy efficiency of the proposed renewable systems and to evaluate the comparative environmental impacts of the various systems. Yaneth Palacios worked for more than 10 years as a teacher in engineering programs in Spain, Venezuela and Colombia.



SustainFor - Sustainability assessment of forest sector management strategies in the context of a bioeconomy See more

Scientific Supervision

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