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Teresa Amaro

Teresa Amaro

Post-Doctoral fellow

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  • Department: Biology
  • Research Group: Marine & Estuarine Ecology
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Microbial biodiversity and functional role in benthic food webs of the Condor seamount (NE Atlantic) See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Main Supervisor): Sanne Schulting (not a CESAM member)

Bolsa de investigação (para estágio) (Main Supervisor): Sara Cleto (not a CESAM member)

Bolsa de investigação (para estágio) (Main Supervisor): Isabel Magalhães (not a CESAM member)

Bolsa de investigação (Co-supervisor): Paola Parretti (not a CESAM member)

Present investigation interests

Long-term change in deep-sea communities, continental slope megafauna, bentho-pelagic coupling, seasonality in the deep-sea, trophic ecology of key megafaunal species, abundance and biomass of deep-sea megabenthos, , abyssal plains, continental slopes, canyons, seamounts, deep-sea in situ experimentation. Understanding contemporary processes to evaluate any anthropogenic impacts in the deep-ocean. I am currently conducting collaborative research, to examine questions focussing on abyssal ecology:
 What factors are affecting the quantity and quality of sinking organic carbon to abyssal depths from climatic variation to benthic processes?
 How does variation in the sinking organic carbon food supply affect behaviour, population, and community dynamics?
How is the organic carbon food supply utilized and transformed by abyssal fauna?


2005 - PhD in Marine Biology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
1998 - Degree in Biology, Faculdade de Ciências, U. Porto,

Post-Doc Fellowship

Funding: Fundação Para a Ciência e Tecnologia  

Reference: SFRH / BPD / 21459 / 2005 FCT 

Duration: 3+3 years (starting date: January 2005, ending date: December 2011)

CESAM Funding: